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Cobra Dissected, Games Played with Cold, Dead Remains = Fun!

An announcement from my gifted amigo Misha Glouberman* for a special musical event in his series at the Drake Hotel. This idea comes in response in part to the Cobra dilemma I wrote about some months back, and the animator of that show, Joe Sorbara, is part of this project, as is local hero Steve Kado.

* shown here with Mrs. Zoilus.

Open Cobra Vol. 1
An explanatory/participatory music event
Based on John Zorn's Cobra
Sunday June 13 at the Drake Hotel in Toronto
7 pm sharp, $tba

Cobra is the best known of John Zorn's "Game Pieces", experimental music compositions structured as games played by improvising musicians.

The rules are ornate, with cue cards, hand signals, and even headbands and hats, all used to indicate structural changes of sound and arrangement. The rules have never been published, and traditionally, when the piece is performed, they are left unexplained to the audience. Open Cobra is a variation of Cobra designed to take an opposite approach: the high mystery of Cobra is replaced with high accessibility and participation.

Open Cobra
Open Cobra Volume I takes place in a single evening, and is divided into two parts.

Part One : Spectate
Part One is a show. There will be a detailed explanation of
the rules of Cobra, along with Q&A;, followed by a performance
of the game by the PJO and guests.

Part Two : Participate
Part Two is a series of fully participatory sound games
leading to a performance of Cobra by all those attending.
It will be an all-vocal performance. Nonmusicians are
strongly encouraged to participate, regardless of experience
or musical ability. Musicians are also allowed.
No instruments.

NOTE: To attend Part Two, you must be willing to participate.
No spectators. We welcome people to attend Part One only, or
to attend both parts. You can decide once you're there.

Open Cobra is part of Room 101 Games, a series of events at the Drake Hotel in Toronto based around games and play. Previous nights have been organized around board games and charades.

Open Cobra is created by Misha Gouberman and Joe Sorbara, with performances by the Pickle Juice Orchestra and special guest Steve Kado.

Learn more about Room 101 Games.
Learn more about Open Cobra.

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The closer this event gets, the better it looks. I've been learning the game with Joe, and am delighted and amazed at every turn. Response has been really good.

Mostly, though, I've been working like crazy coding the Cobra-TRON, a sort of electronic scoreboard that does live play-by-play for Cobra. I am obsessed. It will be the best thing ever.

Posted by misha glouberman on June 11, 2004 6:40 PM



Thanks, Carl, for posting!

I'll get price info to you soon, I promise.

Joe's been teaching me the game as we get ready. I was out last night w. him and Steve practicing. The rules really are pretty brilliant, and it continues to be a delight to learn.

I'm incredibly excited about this event, and really curious whether we'll be able to get people to come out and play.

Posted by misha glouberman on June 4, 2004 3:03 PM




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