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What's your pleasure?
1. Toronto music & mp3 blogs etc.
2. Other Canadian music & mp3 blogs.
3. Other music blogs (textcentric).
4. Audio blogs (outside Canada).
5. Zoilus friends and associates.
6. Misc. Torontzilla!
7. Blogs by musicians/bands
8. Web radio, music news, discussion boards.
9. Poetry, literature, art, culture, politics.

T-Dot Express
(Local Music Massive)

Where are we all hanging out? Here,, is where we are all hanging out.
Where are we all going on Sundays? Here, Wavelength, is where we're all going.
Frank is the indie-rock rooster, crowing every a.m. on Chromewaves.
Michael's news and notes For the Records
Listenin' and 'thusiasm at Indiefilter. Graham Preston blogs on hip-hop, rock and heartbreak at Regulate the Voice.
Pop Sheep separates the lambs from the slaughter, if those lambs are MP3s.
Sending clandestine agents out to gather intel on Toronto's jazz, classical, world, folk, etc. performances, it's The Live Music Report.
The Daughters of Invention now update more cavalierly.
Scott Woods hums while he runs, and watches the watchers via
MP3 clearinghouse Six Eyes bulks up on news, interviews, etc. as well.
John Sakamoto podcasts his all!time!classic!, the AntiHit List.
Lovecstasycrime traffics in poeticsmusicfreethought.
Wolves, Hawks and Kites and indieish local music.
Del F. Cowie updates the lowdown on Vibes and Stuff.
For local bands, venues, etc., look on the Stillepost Toronto music glossary page.
The Music Gallery, the premium venue for new-music presentations.
Derek digs music at audioblog Bury Me Not (or has it been buried?).
My Mean Magpie gathers glittery pop sounds.
Aperture Enzyme puts indie Toronto on the visual record.
As does Kid With Camera.
And the keen lens of Rock Paper Pixels.
African, world & roots music optics and happenings at T.O. Music Pix.
Music and issues from Toronto's obligatorily-described-as-"troubled" Jane-Finch.
The New Pollution is a shiny-lookin' blog and a defunct-lookin' webzine.
The Abstract Index is David Dacks' dub-jazz-etc. radio show and its accompanying blog.
Sucking a Lemon with is now mostly about the pics. is the clubhouse for Canuck dubstep & grime headz.
Indiepolitik tries to make the scene mean more. (Site currently dormant?)
Her name is Meghan, she lives on the Second Floor, and chronicles her days in lines gently lifted from indie-rock songs.
Christine Estima continues Spadina Monologuing even as she is expatriating it up in the UK. More of a personal than a music blog now though.
The webpage of Toronto-based Wire contributor Marcus Boon.
Ron Nurwisah, Boy Reporter.
Food, lit and a side of music at Carrot Rope.
Steve Birek's blog-radio blog Eclectic Sound Basement.
Canadian Music Week. No pun intended.

Music Blogging In Deepest Canada

Oh true north strong & free MP3s! Said The Gramophone, based in Ottawa, did it (almost) first and still does it best.
In Halifax, McNutt boldly goes Against the Music.
From Ottawa, deep in dubstep'n'grime, it's Deeptime.
Also in Ottawa, Matt Hearts Music, hard.
The blog of CBC Radio 3.
Sixtoo provides a little-star-power bloggage from Montreal.
Climb Hero Hill in Halifax.
Montreal gets its Goldkixx.
And, via Andrew Rose of Pop Montreal festival/site/podcast, its Nipple Dream too. ("Perhaps that was the underground rumor which had inflamed the root of the whole town....")
While we weren't looking, Pregnant Without Intercourse also became a podcast. Hurrah, Fat Keith.
Vancouver gets the tuneful news From Blown Speakers.
It is also Vangroovy to Feed Your Habit.
In East Van the masses cry out We Sell Soul.
Smashed Robot working the MP3easy side of the street.
Somewhere else in BC, they say, Villains Always Blink.
Winnipeg's New Wave Vandal.
Energetic prairie listening, and writing, constructs a Basement Galaxy.
Past and Present CanCon meet in Canuckistan Music.
From exotic Durham Region, Will McGuirk pro-blogs local music for Metroland/Torstar under that trusty ol' handle, Scene and Heard.
Steel City Music is a bit commercial-looking, but it gives the scoop from sweet Hamilton, Ont.
Polkablogging in Niagara Falls.
I think the newsy Rock & Roll Report is from Montreal, no?

UnCanadian Music Blogs (textcentric)

John (Mountain Goats) Darnielle's Last Plane to Jakarta: One of my favourite music critics, also one of my favourite songwriters. How I hate him.
Sasha Frere-Jones, New Yorker music critic, and even snazzier than his name.
The Rest is Noise by S/FJ's New Yorker colleague Alex Ross, that rare Classikastan emissary to Rockjazzhippopia.
Simon Reynolds: rockist gone raveist gone grimeist gone neo-rockist.
Jane Dark, the Bond Girl name of the fine poet and prof Joshua Clover.
WFMU's Beware of the Blog is the Boing Boing of music.
Douglas Wolk, one of America's finest music writers, posts whims (and sometimes music).
Michaelangelo Matos in Seattle: always on-the-money.
Plain essential reading from Nick Gutterbreakz..
The blogging becomes eclectic at uTopian TurtleTop.
The Mentalists: A little bit country, a little bit hip-hop, the perfect diet. Blogging as team sport, a la synchronized swimming.
Zen and the art of record collecting: Woebot.
Jace Clayton aka DJ/rupture is as great a blogger as he is a mixologist.
Ryan, world's biggest Destroyer fan, perches perceptively in The Catbird Seat...
... Gazing across to the world's other biggest Destroyer fan, The Imaginary Jenny.
(While we're at it: the Destroyer LiveJournal community, Streethawk.)
Hippocampus is the dean of Jewish-pop scholarship aerobics, Josh Kun.
Jason Gross is always cogent and compelling, in one blog or another, as you'd expect from the editor of Perfect Sound Forever, one of the best (read: only good) music zines on the web.
Similar brainscrunching power is brandished by Jess Harvell.
Get essayistic at Clap Clap Blog by the loquacious Eppy.
Music blogging is elevated to musiblogology (Jamaica-flava'd) at Wayne & Wax.
Who would have predicted when this music-blogging biz got started that David Byrne would create one of the best ones?
Dave Stelfox's riddles and riddims at Breaking Ranks.
Top-40-style sounds celebrated/eviscerated slowly, lovingly, sparklingly at Poptext.
Mark "K-Punk" Fisher theorizing in a pop-culture pressure chamber.
The zippy crit-vox of J. Niimi.
Jon's erudition and enthusiasm animate Worlds of Possibility, from "down under."
ArtsJournal Blogs, including my favourite mod/postmod-concert-music critic, Kyle Gann as well as the useful Terry Teachout and more.
Joshblog, thinking musically.
Jeff Chang, hip-hop thinking too smart to stop.
Likewise, Oliver Wang, hip-hop critstrordinaire.
Somewhere beyond the scylla of genius and the charybdis of brain-dead lies Advanced Theory.
Rockcrit communitarian Ann Powers fights the critical battle in Seattle.
Geeta Dyal, via Berlin, via techno, via rock, via science class, via way-cool.
Okay, it gets no nerdier than this: First, there are albums. Then there are books about albums, such as Continuum's 33 1/3 series. Then there's the blog about the books about the albums.
Mark Sinker, ex-NME, ex-Wire (and too frequently ex-his-own-blog) but always ex-citing.
The similarly culture-ruminating The Measures Taken.
"Music, Politics and Life from a Hip-Hop Perspective" from Brooklyn's Notes from a Different Kitchen.
His eminence Nelson George has a blog!
Nate Patrin is hilarious and knows his shit.
Likewise the mordant Keith Harris.
Nick Catchdubs, mixcentric.
Philip Sherburne, listening to microhouse (so you don't have to) and making sense of it all.
Dubstep your way over to Martin Clark's Blackdown Soundboy.
Martin de Leon II pleads that we Hold On to Young Ideas, such as those about Latin music, indie rock, hip-hop and suchlike.
Orbis Quintus is the self-designated "abstractor of quintessence" (occasional MP3s).
My friend Amy Silver (formerly Haugesag) blogs about life through the earbuds of her iPod on Peripatetic (great blog title), but we're all holding out for her memoir of her teens in the CBGBs heyday in New York and her 20s in the Replacements-era Minneapolis music scene.
Tim is one of the rare jazz bloggers.
Others include Xanax Taxi, Bagatellen, be-jazz, erg's links, Devra, Doug Ramsey's Rifftides, Joe Moore's Jazz Portraits, Ellen Collison's Hemispherical, the band The Bad Plus and latest but far from least, trumpeter extraordinaire Dave Douglas.
Take another leap out to the New Music Box blog.
And the similarly musicologically sophisticated The Rambler.
The work ethic lives at the prolific and newsy Largehearted Boy.
Phinn is in Finland and Finland is where it's at.
Scott Seward comes and goes. Like a hurricane.
Check yer head! It's Jack Cole!
Pretend you've been to all the shows in New Yawk, thanks to More in the Monitor.
Wonder twins J-Hopp's Tinyluckygenius and J-Shep's Cowboyz'n'Poodles are musicblog crack.
Same goes for Yancey Strickler.
As well as the superlatively savvy music writer Daphne Carr.
John Cunningham of Stylus is pop-omnivorous at Seaworthy Southeast Thesaurus.
Byron Crawford says he's got "the only hip-hop blog on the Internet," which is at least the most hip-hop claim on the Internet.
Enter at your own risk: Stink, Cheat, Torture.
The secret life of a record-shop girl at Raised by Bees.
The latest in required reading is race-and-gender-man Michael Anthony Neal.
The Celestial Monochord: The astrophysics of hillbilly blues.
Scholar and music-maven gentleman Dallas Clemons.
This Line: The world's smartest metal blog, no?
I don't know what Peanut Butter Words are, but they stick to the roof of my mind.
The rather complicated Freakytrigger houses several varieties of bloggage.
Julie's here, the party can get started.
Marcello writes lengthy elegant essays on everything from Girls Aloud to Evan Parker in the recently resuscitated Church of Me.
And a quick hit list of other worthwhile ports of call: Here's Dylan Hicks and there's Sean Fennessy, and Real Country Music, and Adam Baer, and Flaskaland.

Sound Advice
(MP3 blogs outside Canada)

Tofu Hut lists pretty much all the mp3blogs you can handle.
In that interest: Music blog aggregators are a gift from heaven.
Slate music critic Jody Rosen's The Anachronist delves delightfully into the pop that time forgot.
The indispensable Fluxblog.
Veteran Chicago Reader critic Peter Margasak erudites it up on Worldly Disorientation, a "world music" audioblog that will not cause a mock-beatific thousand-yard stare to glaze your mug.
One of my longtime favourite fringe-arts enthusiasts, Mike McGonigal, in a blaze of MP3s with 'Buked And Scorned..
The wide synthetic grin of 20 Jazz Funk Greats.
The Suburbs Are Killing Us: Christopher Porter's portal of jazz and global grit.
Salon's Audiofile, eclectically enriching your ears.
Twangblog is the only country-oriented mp3 blog I've seen.
Although Songs:Illinois does lean that way, in a less roots, more alt, kinda way.
From free-folk to free-jazz to Snoop Dogg, there's a keen ear at Of Mirror Eye.
Don't fear if you hear a foreign sound in your ear, it's just Benn loxo du taccu from West Africa.
You Ain't No Picasso, you're an indie-style music-download site. Get it straight.
Swen audioblogs music mentioned in Wire magazine - i.e., avant-everything.
The towering Tofu Hut.
The party's hopping in Tuwa's Shanty.
Sympathetic fixations at An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming, from hip-hop to musique concrete.
Copy, Right? is king of the cover version.
Nine secret agents of sound post mp3s and commentary at Music For Robots.
Jazz, indie rock, esoterica at Ruth is Stranger than Richard, patron saint R. Wyatt.
Poplicks' Oliver Wang posts sounds at Soul Sides.
Snap-crackle-pop MP3s at Bubblegum Machine.
Banana Nutrament serves up the rare fruits.
Jazz and Conversation, mostly on the trad/funky side.
Not sure where Molars comes from, but it proffers eccentric-indieish goodies.
The self-explanatory Cocaine Blunts & Hip-Hop Tapes.
Although in that category the leading brand has gotta be Chris Nelson's Lemon-Red.
Government Names: Hard beats and rhymes.
So Many Shrimp in the club, in the pirate stations.
Moistworks is a jukebox stocked by a host of heavyduty hosts.
Indie wisdom at My Old Kentucky Home.
Spoilt Victorian Child has a good name, great spelling and finely curated MP3s.
This multinational mp3blog proves it really is a Fat Planet after all.
"Girls, Singing in French, Making Me Sigh". It's a sigh-along.

Practitioners: Musicians' Blogs (mostly Canuckian)

Iner Souster builds fantastical instruments, and blogs about them.
Billy Bryans' blog rises up (sorry!) with Cuban & other worldly grooves.
Toronto avant-jazz guitarist Tim Posgate's daily journal.
Local musician Steve Hamann on the state of his art.

Internet Radio + Misc. Music Sites

News/reviews daily doubles: Chart magazine and Coolfer and Billboard and Coke Machine Glow and Pitchfork and MetaCritic and PopMatters and Tiny Mix Tapes and Avant Music News and Erg's Jazz Links and Stylus and Splendid and Dusted and Stereogum and Prefix and Hits and Ice and the hip-hop Wire and NME news.
Battle of the networking stars: Dissensus vs. ILM.
Jazz fans, see the Jazz Corner Boards.
Brainwashed guide to experimental everything.
Hip-hop Canada: Necessity answered.
On the East Coast, the Locals message boards: Halifax, Moncton, PEI, Nfld., Cape Breton.
Iridian Radio, new-music from Live365.
Similarly, Kyle Gann's PostClassic Radio.
ResonanceFM in London, quite possibly the world's greatest radio station.
Tamizdat, the place to learn about independent music from Central and Eastern Europe.
Negativland's Over the Edge radio shows are my favourite thing they've done.
One Final Note interwebs the jazz/improv.
Paris Transatlantic does contemporary music, best seen to be understood.
And if this is not All About Jazz, it's a helluva lot about it.
The accent's on contemporary composition at New Music Net.
The least domesticated of music webzines, Blastitude.
Jack Rabid's rock'n'roll high school, The Big Takeover.
CBC Radio 3, podcasting and dubious.
Meanwhile, Brave New Waves changed my life, sugarbear.
Live footage at Fab Channel and Just Concerts.
Monthly webzine Soulshine is the self-proclaimed "essential guide to new music." Uh, maybe.
More certainly: Ulysses Speaks!.

Friends, Co-Conspirators & Institutional Support

The Globe & Mail, which employs me.
Sheila Heti, without whom...
The Trampoline Hall Lecture Series (I am the doorman, goo goo gajoob).
Tramp. Hall host Misha Glouberman's Room 101 Games Series.
Bill Kennedy designed Zoilus.
He's also a poet who helps run the lovely Scream festival in Toronto and the city's best poetry series, Lexiconjury.
Margaux Williamson paints a picture or million.
Sherwin never fails to inspire-amuse-infuriate.
Brian Joseph Davis creates the darndest things (like punk rock albums by Theodor Adorno). An endless supplier of Zoilusian postings.
Katerina Cizek blogs about social-participatory media from her perch in the National Film Board filmmaker-in-residence program.
Years ago, I worked here, at Canada's plucky little political-culture rag, the tragically badly named This Magazine.
So did friends such as Naomi Klein, Clive Thompson, Gord Laird, Doug Saunders (who doesn't have a site but is highly amusingly attacked on that one), Julie Crysler, Judith Parker, Stuart Ross and Kevin Connolly (sorry if I forgot anyone).
Emily Schultz works there now, and This now has a blog worth reading, too.
Here's Sean Dixon and his banjo: Banjo Banjar.
I have also worked at Hour (not to be confused with the Mirror) and The Nation.
Not to mention here and the Montreal branch of here.
Poet, scholar and pal Darren Werschler Henry runs the lit-net-miscellany of
Jim Munroe, T-dot DIY clown prince, and his especially swell Perpetual Motion Roadshow.
Catherine Osborne, ex-editrix of the late great Lola art-zine.
Toronto writer Michael Winter continent-hops, blogging all the way.
Environmentalist, historian, music enthusiast, radio host, friend and general handful Dr. Carl A. Zimring blogs.
Toronto playwright/performer/novelist/social-subvertologist Darren O'Donnell blogs his way through the highlands and higherlands.
My old friend Rob Walker, who writes about economic epiphenomena for the NYTimes Magazine.
Broken Pencil, the zine about zines and the cultures that cause 'em, the new-millennium Factsheet 5.

Other Toronto Spots

The all-things-Toronto trio: Torontoist, BlogTO and Paved.
Delving deeper: Reading Toronto, psychogeographically.
Likewise, The Toronto Public Space Committee, unpolluting the mental environment via the physical one. Now with bloggeration.
Nadia's nifty Squiddity.
Poet Mark Truscott on what is Said Like Reeds Or Things.
Lola's ex-art-directrix Sally McKay blogs Toronto's art scene with vim.
Then there's Raymi, yes, a minx.
The T-Dot Bloggers page.
Dan Misener, on miscellaneous localisms.
The journalism-gazing Press Gallery.
Accordion Guy, Toronto's most sociable blog fella.
Daily Dose of Imagery. Which needs no introduction.
There's always something curiouser at Linebreaks.

Words, Arts, Media, Kulcha
(A Chaotic Sampling of Stuff I Read)

UbuWeb may be the single greatest thing on the Internet. Honest. Mp3s, texts, PDFs, etc. of every kind of avant-whatzit you could dream.
Equanimity by Jordan Davis is about poetry, but also music and everything, and is as good or better a portal as any (except Ron Silliman's joint) to the verse-blog-iverse.
Canadian Arts News and some more international equivalents.
Mesmerizingly smart viz-arts content at We Make Money, Not Art.
Like checking out people's bookshelves? Then Library Thing is addictive.
Panopticist is a necessary frequent stop, for it sees all.
Peter Culley, poet at large. (In Nanaimo.)
Whose blog is quite comparable to Mark Woods' lot, where he collages photography, art, literature and more, in Perth, Ont.
Current favourite younger American poet? Ange Mlinko.
Politics is poetry is theory is pop at Pas au-delবt;/a>.
Bookninja: CanLit and beyond, in the present, tense.
Maud Newton, another gateway litblog.
Jim Andrews' pages from Victoria's pages present interactive visual/sound poetry. Lit gab at The Elegant Variation: "Really brave... or really stupid," says The Guardian. I can't decide either.
The New Yorker: For and against.
For reading envy go to Third Factory.
Get politically literate at Pearsall's Books. Beside the word "blog" in the dictionary, in the dictionaries that include the word "blog," there's a picture of Boing Boing.
Aesthetic thinking with Jacob Wren's Radical Cut.
Dig this intellectual gold mine: Voice of the Shuttle.
And this intellectual land mine: C-Theory.
Serious liberal opinion and analysis, along with some irksome whining, is compiled at Common Dreams.
Stark raving rad news'n'views at Autonomedia.
And similarly at Rabble.
A more subtle version from Doug Ireland, whose link page leads you into a political blog world I shouldn't try to document here.
Closer to our territory, the always-intriguing academic ruminations of Pinnochio Theory and Michael Berube.
The wonderful, wonderful author-essayist Paul Collins, now a blogger too.
We am also a fan of Mark Dery and Erik Davis, who work the cultural fringe with sharp critical pickaxes.
Encyclopedic version of same? Try Jahsonic.
See also Space & Culture.
Chris covers the Montreal art scene like a dirty shirt at Zeke's Gallery.
Allan is Alienated in Vancouver, but comforted by books, movies, music and art.
The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, etc. etc. etc.: Mind the Gap.
Maisonneuve is the magazine equivalent of an indie-rock album, for better & worse, outta Montreal.
Even more so, The Believer and n+1.
Keep tabs on Joss Whedon.
Talk about TV way too much at TWP, aka Guilty Pleasure Central.
Unless that would be FishbowlNY?
Nah, it's definitely Stereogum and TMFTML and Whatevs.
Not to mention personal blogs like The Outer Life and, ahh, Mimi, whom we adore.
Green CineDaily is a good starting place for movie hounds.
Miscellanies from James Tata.
Montreal journalist Craig Silverman tracks media mea culpas on Regret the Error and the NY Times Vows column is torn wide open by Veiled Conceit.
I can't resist a site called Decaying Industries.
Dwelling/Exile and the slash that separates them.
Unbelievably cool: The archive of Radical America magazine.
Industrial photography at Worksongs. But no songs, sadly.
CanLiterary rarities at Book Thug.
Interesting collection of writers-on-writing at Here Comes Everybody.
Cryptic, but beautiful.
And keeping a watchful free-speech eye on us all, The Committee to Protect Bloggers.

Zoilus by Carl Wilson