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July 1.05 A dine'n'dash review of William Parker's Sound Unity in The Globe and Mail.

Jun. 25.05 Overtones' defence of datedness: Don't Re-Shoot the Piano Player.

Jun. 24.05 In The Globe & Mail today, a beginner's guide to ESG.

Jun. 18.05 Do you remember rock'n'roll radio? No? Okay, do you remember superstar club DJs? Ah, memory is bittersweet. In Overtones in The Globe and Mail.

Apr. 9.05 Overtones: Confessions of a Smooth Jazz Bigot. (With a cameo appearance by Andy Bey.) Up next in The Globe and Mail.

Apr. 2.05 The Overtones of hip-hop product placement, in The Globe and Mail.

Mar. 26.05 In today's Overtones in The Globe & Mail: iPod Shuffle vs. CBC 50 Tracks - not Alien vs. Predator, but still a battle royal.

Mar. 25.05 Whassup, Guero? A Beck review in The Globe, along with an Essential Tracks (Rob Clutton, Solomon Burke, Fiona Apple, LaConnor and the A-Frames).

Mar. 19.05 Overtones: Presenting Maggie MacDonald, the Pierre Trudeau of indie rock (perhaps). In The Globe & Mail.

Mar. 11.05 The Globe & Mail gets a grip on grime. (Plus: Meet Swedish indie-pop heartbender Jens Lekman.)

Mar. 5.05 Listening for the Overtones of an ambient planet in the post-exotic pastiches of Sublime Frequencies.

Feb. 26.05 A very special Oscars Overtones.

Feb. 25.05 Picks for 2005's Canadian Music Week, from me and Robert Everett-Green.

Feb. 18.05 A review of ... Has A Good Home by Final Fantasy.

Feb. 12.05 The Overtones of Canadian music, booming everywhere, except in Canada. (A socioeconomic thesis.)

Feb 5.05 Overtones discusses everybody's favourite moving target, M.I.A.

Jan. 22.05 Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Death Cab, The Shins, Pitchfork, The O.C. ... and the happy death of indie rock. In this week's Overtones.

Jan 21.05 One piece on Bright Eyes and one Essential Tracks list, served up hot.

Jan 15.05 Overtones reconsiders pop-star charity.

Jan 8.05 An Overtones guide to the year in music jargon.

Jan 7.05 In The Globe today, meet AIM Toronto (or AIMT), the city's new gathering point for improv's musical anarchists and libertines.

Jan. 1.05 This week in Overtones: This Was The 2004 That Was.

Dec. 31.04 CD review: The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, Original Soundtrack.

Dec. 31.04 Essential Tracks for the last week of December, in der Globe'n'Mail.

Dec. 18.04 Overtones: How radio is ruining Christmas.

Dec. 11.04 Overtones: Three cheers for the "U2 Vs. Negativland" bootleg iPod, and one messy raspberry for the Apple legal dept.

Dec. 10.04 Morris Palter beats it out of a once-good Toronto alt-rock band and becomes a California percussion god and king of novelty ragtime xylophone. A tale from the Bureau of Blessings In Disguise.

Dec. 4.04 Overtones of the music DVD boom, guest-starring Jandek.

Nov. 27.04 Overtones: Handsome Boy Modeling School's wiley game of turning hip to harebrained.

Nov. 20.04 The Overtones of Britney-trashing, the echoes of "disco sucks!" and the open-eared world of Arthur Russell.

Nov. 19.04 Quick hit on the many faces of Fred Eaglesmith and his organ-grindin' new mini-masterpiece, Dusty.

Nov. 13.04 Overtones flies down to Rio with Caetano Veloso, Arto Lindsay and Favela Booty Beats. Everybody in the shanty house.

Nov. 12.04 Morr Music and Eno's "scenius."

Nov. 6.04 "C'mon everybody, clap your paws," an Overtones on Animal Collective, psych-folk and dropping out of the bugfuck-crazy human race.

Oct 30.04 Iris DeMent's Lifelines and other efforts to rescue "faith" from the maw of the faith-based presidency, in today's pre-election rant.

Oct. 16.04 The Derridean Overtones of the concept album's comeback. Bonus: faggot liberal diss of Sergeant Pepper's!

Oct. 12.04 A review of the Shurum Burum Jazz Circus at the Distillery District in Toronto.

Oct. 7.04 The column becomes "Overtones" and opens its new incarnation with some thoughts On Looking Into Bob Dylan's Chronicles. (See also here.)

Sept. 30.04 Scene, the final frontier: Who put the "progressive" in "progressive jazz"?

Sept. 25.04 A profile of Owen Pallett, boy genius of Les Mouches and Final Fantasy. Exclusive trivia for Zoilus readers: His music-publishing name is "Open Wallett." Clever git.

Sept. 24.04 A mini-review of Ancient, the latest CD by Toronto firecrackers Deep Dark United.

Sept. 11.04 In the Globe and Mail this weekend, the Drive-By Truckers, Allison Moorer, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, the Old 97s and alt-country's red-state blues.

Sept. 2.04 That pesky column this time 'round: The education of Peter Brotzmann. Also in today's Globe and Mail: A quick-shot review of Ver Tanzt? by the Black Ox Orkestar.

Aug. 26.04 In this week's Globe column: Fake proms are better than real proms, but: Does "Torontopia" have a teen-nostalgia problem?

Aug. 19.04 Today's column: Why Oneida could save your marriage.

Aug. 14.04 The Lizard Kings of Lit Rock. Warning: Margaret Atwood content. Redeeming factors: Future Bible Heroes, One Ring Zero and Warren Zevon content. In the weekend Globe & Mail.

Aug. 12.04 Lead review in the Globe's CD section today: The Sadies' Favourite Colours turn out to be sepia brown, apocalyptic black and fine Acapulcan gold.

July 22.04 Mixing-desk column edition 1. If I am still writing this column 10 years from now (aieee!) I bet there will be a lot of these. I think I understand something about Greil Marcus I didn't understand before.

July 22.04 Say Goddam, somebody. A G+M column about the Hidden Cameras' superheroic new album.

July 15.04 In today's Globe: What Ray Charles and Sticks and Stones have in common: discursive politics, Bakhtinian dialogism and America the Beautiful.

July 8.04With today’s piece (among others), Junior Boys enter the Canadian mainstream media. Ephemeron or milestone? We'll see.

July 01.04 My dinner with Stephin Merritt. Except the "dinner." And the "with." And maybe the "my."

June 24.04 Come to the cabaret and read a column that grossly unfairly asks Nellie McKay to live up to the legacy of Nina Hagen.

June 17.04 The captivatingly cryptic childhood flashback that is the Fiery Furnaces.

June 14.04 When a picture can sing a thousand notes: A review of Feist's Toronto concert, paying a particular homage to the guest star, artist Shary Boyle.

June 10.04 My customized lowdown on North by Northeast.

June 2.04 A mixed review of Royal City's Little Heart's Ease in today's Globe and Mail.

June 2.04 The column returns from its May siesta with news of odd doings in Guelph, Brampton and Montreal.

Apr 30.04 Toronto, Toronto, a helluva town: The demise of the Canadian winter concert freeze, in The Globe and Mail.

late April My profile of the terrific painter and charming human being Margaux Williamson is in issue 3 of the new Toronto arts magazine, Hive.

Apr. 22.04 In today's Scene, I limber up for my upcoming trip to Berlin by writing about Einstürzende Neubauten und Kraftwerk.

Apr. 21.04 Farewell, Ray Condo: An appreciation in today's Globe and Mail.

Apr. 15.04 Today's column: Playing cello on the horns of a dilemma, with Erik Friedlander. Also a review of the new Tortoise album.

Apr. 1.04 Internationally reputed conceptual artist Rodney Graham just wants to be a rock singer. The case for and against.

Mar 25.04 Makin' the Scene today in der Globe, it's Ted Leo and Matias Rozenberg.

Mar 18.04 One boy's tribute to Brave New Waves, in three bio-temporal zones. In today's Globe and Mail.

Mar 17.04 Elvis Costello could have made a grown man cry at Massey Hall in Toronto this week. Especially if that grown man were Elvis Costello. In The Globe and Mail.

Mar 11.04 Shhh, it's the post-everything tell-all rock of Xiu Xiu, with thoughts on the deaths of Spalding Gray and Tooker Gomberg, in today's Globe & Mail.

Mar 4.04 In today's Globe & Mail, I voyage to the lost cities of Jett and Lauper, with a late-night interlude in the oasis of Metric.

Feb 26.04 The mystery of late set times solved, with asides on TV on the Radio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Les Mouches and Toronto.

Feb 19.04 A column dedicated to the phenomenon that is Wax Mannequin, half-Descartes, half-Freddie Mercury, and a third half for extra legroom.

Feb 12.04 The column asks the Toronto-centric musical questions: Can the Music Gallery survive? Will Wavelength continue to thrive? Is the Drake really alive? (With a detour into the concept of the "third place," which explains too many elements of my life all too well, by not-all-that-metaphorical extension.)

Feb 5.04 Globe column: Notwist with a dash of Wrens. Warning: Cyborgs attack!

Jan 29.04 A column on composer Christian Wolff. Also a review of the Sun Kil Moon disc.

Jan 22.04 "Scene" column, about Tuvan throat-singing, here and also my feature about the Hidden Cameras' great show at the Toronto Dance Theatre.

Jan 15.04 The perils of Prince Paul.

Jan. 8.04 Globe column - the Darkness is only make-believe.

Jan. 1.04 A wet kiss to 2003, a great Canadian vintage. Including a version of the Top 10 list, and the first appearance of Wax Mannequin.

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