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Suoni Per il Toronto:
Evan Parker Trio, Feuermusik, Neptune

I was disappointed to see so little coverage in the downtown weeklies in Toronto yesterday of the Suoni per il Toronto mini-festival at the Music Gallery this weekend, a spinoff of the Suoni per il Popolo festival in Montreal (a month-long celebration of adventurous and oppositional music). In particular, it's a shame that the rare visit from British saxophone improvising giant Evan Parker (and his likewise-eminent trio partners Barry Guy, bass, and Paul Lytton, percussion) got no coverage. For the uninitiated the video above should give you an idea (it's the same trio but with the addition of pianist Agusti Fernandez at the Mulhouse jazz festival in Alsace, 2007). I'm too short on time today to detail Parker and company's extensive history, but here are a few testimonials. The show tonight begins at 7 pm (with solo bass by Aaron Lumley), doors at 6 pm, Parker Trio at 8 pm; show up early for the Gallery's summer BBQ.

Also, tomorrow afternoon Parker & Lytton present a free workshop for local improvisers (plus us looky-loos and listeny-lees) at 2 pm. Musicians would be foolish to miss it!

"UK saxophonist Evan Parker is one of the true pioneers of European free improvisation. He is recognized as the creator of a new solo saxophone language, extending the techniques and experiments started by John Coltrane and Albert Ayler, but taking them away from the rhythmically jazz-related areas and into the realm of abstraction. In particular, his use of circular breathing techniques to create extended, complex and overlapping soundscapes is generally seen as the apex of saxophone virtuosity." - bio on Music Gallery website

"Parker: speed, dexterity, instantaneous interplay, refinement, razor sharpness, almost scientific technical achievement (especially on the soprano saxophone, which he has virtually reinvented), and a graciousness and cooperative spirit in collective settings that he has labelled the 'agree to agree' approach." - John Corbett

"Evan Parker breathes like Tiger Woods swings a driver: smooth, seamless, a complete motion that converts potential energy to kinetic with the inevitability of an apple dropped from a tree. And both artists work with the bold precision that comes with having endlessly refined their technique. Parker ... might be the most important European jazz improviser alive." - Joe Gross, Austin AmericanStatesman

Eye weekly did, fortunately, give some ink to tomorrow night's cd release show for the new No Contest by Feuermusik, the sax-and-buckets duo of Jeremy Strachan and Gus Weinkauf that's been making some of the most exciting, direct jazz-improv music in Canada in recent years. Read Helen Spitzer's fine interview with the guys.

On the bill with Feuermusik (who will be bringing their "big band" incarnation for the occasion) is intriguing Boston-area band Neptune, who build all their instruments themselves - baritone guitars, basses, "lamellophones," pipe xylophones, even synthesizers - out of "circular saw blades, gas tanks, oil drums, bike parts, VCR casings, and miscellany from the trash." The video below provides a pretty compelling depiction of the results.

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Some really interesting ideas about improv and musical goings-on in Toronto under the radar for genearl might be my computer feeling the summer heat, but YouTube links here aren't loading up for me?

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