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Guitars Everywhere Weep: Jeff Healey, RIP

Very sad. Jeff Healey, who died yesterday, was, of course, a great contributor to the Canadian music scene on every level, making his name with electric-blues and soft-rock ballads but moving on later in life to a devotion to pre-war-style jazz. He was the proprieter of Healey's Roadhouse and by all accounts a total mensch; he was only 41; he fought cancer literally all of his life (it blinded him in infancy); and it really isn't fair.

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This hit me hard. Not that I was ever very close to him or anything, but because he was such a conduit for a combination of artistry and emotion. Jeff was able to make everyone around him share in his delight and appreciation of all things musical.

So infectious and inspiring all the time, just thinking of him conjures warmth in me.

He was always so patient and sweet. Very close friend to a couple of my dearest ones, he was kind to me by proxy.

I knew about his medical challenges and celebrated every time he managed to win a battle. I really didn't think the cancer would eventually be able to win against such a strong soul as his.

Very sad.


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