by carl wilson

Kiss My Lips & Twist My List

... Speaking of year-end, this may or may not be an actual new blog, rather than a randomly deployed blogspot page, but it's a place where you can read what a few T-dot notables were pouring into their earholes in ought-seven, among them the maker of my number-one record of the year, Sandro Perri, along with Wes Allen (Doing It To Death dj), Louis Calabro (Goin' Steady/End of the Internet), David Dacks (Abstract Index radioshow), Minesh Mandoda (Ghostlight), Andrew Zuckerman (Gastric Female Reflex), Craig Dunsmuir, Wolfgang Nessel (Blood Honey), etc.

(Since I haven't posted anything very Torontocentric for a bit...)

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson