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Prevost and Found: Interface It

I'd hoped, but haven't managed, what with all the hoohah, to write a more substantive post this week about Eddie Prevost, percussionist and longtime central figure in the British free-improvisation scene, who this week is taking part in an "Interface" series with musicians from AIMToronto, which began last night. Since I haven't had time you'll have to make do with the Wikipedia entry, which is a perfectly serviceable intro to Prevost's illustrious career, and with my wholehearted urging that you go out to Somewhere There and/or the Arraymusic studio tonight and tomorrow and catch him in action.

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Ah. It's good, but the allusion to magic doesn't sit well.

Thanks for the Interface plug. Eddie is a charming, thoughtful man and brilliant musician. We are lucky to have hosted him.

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Wow. This has got to have been the worst 18 months to have been away from Toronto. music-wise. AIMT is doing an amazing job.

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