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(Plus: Polaris Non-Forecast)

Julie Doiron: Polaris-polarization consensual cure?

I've been meaning to mention that tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, I'm doing a discussion/workshop as part of the public library's "Toronto Tunes" series (which winds up with an Ohbijou/More or Les/Bicycles concert on Nov. 3). The event is at the North York Central Library called, "Writing & Blogging About Music," along with freelance journalist Tabassum Siddiqui and writer Hal Niedzviecki. The crowd'll mostly be in their teens and 20s, I suspect, but anyone interested in music writing, whether professionally or as an avocation, is welcome to come. It's from 6 to 8 pm, at 5120 Yonge St, which is just by the North York subway stop. To register, call 416-395-5674.

But first, tonight's the Polaris Prize. I can't for the life of me handicap the thing - I suspect I won't be raising my champagne to my faves, Junior Boys, by night's end, but who knows? The winner is decided in an hours-long discussion by the panel of 11 judges on the spot, during the actual gala, and from my experience last year, it very much depends upon the chemistry and convergences among that (what's the opposite of a baker's dozen? a shoplifter's dozen?) gang at that time. As a wild guess, strongly divided opinions might in the end default in favour of Julie Doiron, who inspires a kind of universal fondness and might be everybody's second pick. But I'm not a betting man. Others who are weigh in with their predictions.

Also on the agenda: Tomorrow night after the library workshop, it's The Mountain Goats! Peeks at recent setlists seem to indicate a lot of mixes of brand-new and very-old songs, which is exactly what I want out of a Mountain Goats show. I'm kind of hoping for The Recognition Scene and Raja Vocative and Family Happiness, just in case John D's reading, but I'm pretty happy to be surprised.

And on Sunday around 4 pm, I'm reading at Word on the Street in Queen's Park, along with other contributors to Coach House's uTOpia 2: The State of the Arts book. I might be a little bleary as I'm not planning to sleep the night before. With luck the audience will be in the same condition.

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