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Rough October Listings Finally Up...

... in the gig guide. Apologies for the brief breakdown of the Zoilusian gig-guide update system. We'll add November soon, too. As always, corrections, announcements of shows, etc., more than welcome, by email or in the comments here.

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AIMToronto Interface with Eddie Prévost: $15/$10 per night; three-night pass available at the door for $30. Details about workshops with Prévost are forthcoming.

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AIMToronto Interface: Eddie Prévost, percussion (U.K.)

Wednesday 24 October, 8pm
Somewhere There
340 Dufferin Street, entrance from Melbourne Avenue

-Michael Keith (guitar), John Oswald (alto saxophone), and Eddie Prévost
-Geordie Haley’s Everytime Band
-Kyle Brenders (saxophones), Scott Thomson (trombone), and Eddie Prévost

Thursday 25 October, 8pm
Somewhere There

-Andrew Downing (cello), Scott Peterson (bass), Ellen Waterman (flute), and Eddie Prévost
-The Reveries
-Paul Dutton (oralizations), Nilan Perera (guitar, electronics), Nick Storring (cello), and Eddie Prévost

Friday 26 October, 9pm
Arraymusic Studio
60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 218

-Rob Clutton (bass), Ajay Heble (piano), and Eddie Prévost
-Pete Johnston’s See Through Trio
-Ken Aldcroft (guitar), Rod Campbell (trumpet), William Davison (electronics), and Eddie Prévost

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