by carl wilson

Somewhere There's Music
(How Sweet the Tune)

Exciting local news: Toronto trombonist and all-round swell fellow Scott Thomson writes to say that he is opening a new performance studio where improvising musicians and artists from other disciplines can rehearse and perform.

He's named it Somewhere There, I assume referring to Sun Ra's oft-quoted remark, "We came from nowhere here, why can't we go somewhere there?" In this case, "there" is 340 Dufferin Street, the corner building one block south of Queen or north of King (entrance from Melbourne Ave). With the recent decline in the numbers of jazz-and-related clubs in Toronto, this is particularly happy news. It may please the unintrepid who find it awkward to get to the Arraymusic space in Liberty Village (or who don't frequent the Tranzac due to ... NewZealandphobia, perhaps?). Having the Arrayspace and Some'there in shouting (or horn-blowing) distance from each other, one can envision series or festivals crisscrossing between the two spots, and fantasize about lower Parkdale developing into the Skronk District, a destination spot for musicians and lovers of outward-bound sounds. (You could think of Greenwich Village or something, but I prefer to compare it to going to Chinatown for dinner and deciding on a restaurant when you get there; or knowing that if you need cheap electronics you can stroll up Yonge and comparison shop.)

Says Thomson: "Programming will start in mid-September. I've already set up short- term residencies with CCMC and Geordie Haley, and have starting booking shows by special guests from out of town. A full September lineup will be announced very soon, and a web-calendar will be launched in short order."

Meanwhile, he's hosting two inaugural open houses to spank the baby and get it breathing, and let us all satisfy our curiosity and start dreaming up events that could happen there. Somewhere There will be open for lookyloos this Monday (Labour Day) from 7 to 10 pm, and again next Sunday, Sept. 9, again 7-10 pm. Thomson adds: "If you have folding or stacking chairs, coffee tables, floor and table lamps or useful miscellany that you are willing to loan or donate to the space, then by all means contact me." (The email is somewherethere at inorbit dot com.)

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Thanks so much for the plug, Carl. I better sweep up to make the joint presentable for the curious zoilusians.

I don't strive to compete at all with my friends who book the crucial (and impressively long-lived) Leftover Daylight Series. Booking at Somewhere There will always complement and never conflict with their programming. Likewise, Somewhere There music will start at 8pm with a mind to finishing by 10pm, thus making a subsequent trip to the Tranzac a viable option for thirsty creative music fans. Nevertheless, I hope to see the day when creative music venues are as ubiquitous as Chinese restaurants!

Posted by Scott Thomson on September 1, 2007 4:15 PM



great news

we skronk-heads need a hub

will keep my eye on these developments, fer sure

Posted by Rob on September 1, 2007 1:44 PM



Many kudos must go to Scott Thomson for taking an initiative on this. The lifeblood of local creative music scenes is continuity, the stability in venue and performance spaces, and the in- and outflux of the performers and ensembles who pass through them. I want to wish Somewhere There every success in making our already unbelievable scene even better.

Posted by Jeremy on September 1, 2007 1:25 PM



You're right, Half - I just checked on Smashedpiano. It doesn't say when the transition is happening. It does rightly say that the current redevelopment of Liberty Village as a residential neighbourhood is a big problem for a lot of arts groups, one that, I'd add, has been neglected while the more publicized fights on Queen West West have been going on. Ah, poor Skronk District. That's an important context for Scott's now obviously even-more important project, though I hope Artscape does manage to help Array out.

The fact that I didn't already know this is scary evidence of how holed-up I've been all summer!

Posted by zoilus on September 1, 2007 12:39 AM



I'm sure I read, I think on Smashedpiano, that Array was losing their space to condo development but that Artscape was going to find them a new location. Anyway, thanks Scott for all your hard work for the music.

Posted by Half on August 31, 2007 3:42 PM




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