by carl wilson

Knee Plays


A couple of weeks ago I told you about Cathy Gordon's public divorce-ritual project On My Knees, in which she is crawling across Toronto on hands and knees in her wedding dress to mark the end of her eight-year marriage. Well, it's happening today, right now. You can follow her progress via her website from now till the end of the afternoon, although I am finding that the Flickr photo stream is proving the most efficient live-update source. (Though don't let the photo #'ing confuse you; it's deceptive.) If you are in Toronto and want to greet, toast and console Cathy at the end of her journey, you can rendezvous with her either at the Jameson Pedestrian Bridge (at Jameson & Lakeshore) around 6:30 pm or at the final of the eight "stations" on the journey, the small beach by the Canadian Legion Boating & Sailing Club (the "Water Heals All Wounds" station) at 1391 Lake Shore W, around 7:30 pm.

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