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Guest Post: Compassionate Consumption


A message to the community from Matias Rozenberg of the Phonemes (Blocks Recording Club), Matias, and Consumption Records. Please help him out if you can! His email is matias890 at hotmail dot com - C.W.

Consumption is a label that releases music on donated cassettes utilising hand-decorated, recycled packaging. The music is sold not for money, but in exchange for art challenges. No money changes hands. Consumption Records concentrates on music originally recorded for the creators and their friends, with no intention of ever finding an audience.

The art challenge for a particular cassette is dependent on the cassette in question. ( For example, the CoraMichael tape will cost you 2 pubic hairs and some toenail clippings; Great Grandma Cassie's tape cost a drawing of an eccentric relative; The Perfects tape cost a made-up-on-the-spot song which the band then re-recorded and released on their next album.) Consumption Records releases are only available in person, through unusual situations and over the mail.

Consumption Records is secretly celebrating its five-year anniversary.

I am moving from my very big house to a very tiny house. There is a shelf of Consumption materials and releases that cannot fit into my new home. also, there are several boxes of tapes that need storage. The stuff must be gone from my old place by August 1.

When I started Consumption Records, I vowed to myself I would keep it going for the rest of my life, or at the very least, for a significant amount of time, like no less than 30 years. This situation puts that vow in jeopardy.

So I am hoping that there must be one, if not several, responsible people reading this who has some space and would be happy to store a few things for the label.

If you are that person (or those people) please contact Matias Rozenberg via matias890 at hotmail dot com. Thank you!

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