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August Gig Guide...


... is now up in quite sketchy & preliminary form. Send along those event announcements. Even the rest of July is looking thinner than usual - although check out the roster for the Global Hip Hop: The 4 Elements festival at Harbourfront starting July 27 with a 25th anniversary tribute to Wild Style that includes Grand Wizard Theodore, The Chief Rocker Busy Bee and The Fantastic Five! And the next night has the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble from Chicago, made up of Sun Ra alum and Artistic Heritage Ensemble leader Kelan Phil Cohran's kids. Thrillz! August so far has nothing to compete, but I'm sure news will roll in.

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I heard Hypnotic Brass busking in Chicago in 2002, playing super-slick arrangements of Kool & the Gang, etc. By coincidence, there was a massive, multi-page feature story about the Cohran family in one of the dailies a few days later. It seems as though cosmo-discipline-obsessed patriarch, Phil Cohran, literally spawned a brass ensemble, and drilled his sons mercilessly from a stupidly young age. Then came the inevitable youth rebellion, followed by gang involvement, drugs, crime, and a jail sentence or two. According to that article, the current HBE is a partly self-help endeavour to mend this troubled past though, at the time of the story, no reconciliation with papa Phil was on the radar. It's a sad story, though I'm suspicious that it was sensationally souped up for the press. Regardless, the band at that time, while incredibly tight and certainly entertaining, lacked the ripping, swinging joy that kinship with the Sun Ra Arkestra might predict. I'd be curious to hear them in a concert setting, however.

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