by carl wilson

Live, Local and in Lo-Res

The Toronto Sun today has a candid and compelling profile of one of the local music scene's more colourful characters, impresario Dan Burke, as well as (even better) very nicely filmed video clips of the interview. Topics: Confessions, crack, and Canada's colonial complex.

As well, YouTube has clips from Tomboyfriend's performance at Pride festivities on the weekend (and some from earlier shows) on NoMediaKings' channel.

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that video is so sad. dan has always been a gentleman with us and very nice to rhume over the years. kind of makes me want to set up a show @ the silver dollar and go give him a hug.

kind of makes you wonder what kind of questions they were asking though....ah, editing.

Posted by kelprecords on June 26, 2007 10:42 PM




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