by carl wilson

T-Dot Thrillz Runneth Over

What a weekend: Three nights of Kids on TV (read Chris Randle's xlnt Eye profile)! Frog Eyes tonight - with Jewish Legend and Himalayan Bear (whom I hear are terrif)! Steve Reich Percussion Ensemble tonight (in the Cool Drummings festival)! Friday night: Chicago AACMer Ernest Dawkins at the Trane, Joel Plaskett at the Opera House, Republic of Safety at Stone's Place, Richie Hawtin at Mod Club, Kids on TV again! Saturday night, more Kids, more Cool Drummings, more Joel Plaskett, and the latest Extermination Music Night, this time taking its space-invader ethic where it's really needed, the suburbs! (Plus Feist, if that's your thing, and I must say, after listening to the new album with high hopes, I still don't think it's mine.)

Will I see any of these shows? No, I'm-a-gonna be chained to my desk. But you go and come back and tell me about them, please?

The June gig guide will go up tomorrow (Friday), by the way. Sorry for the strange delay that's left just a week's worth of guide on the pages this week, but that's the way things are right now. As a commenter in yesterday's post pointed out, if you don't yet know that Cecil Taylor is playing the St. Lawrence Centre on June 1, know it. We want that mutha sold out. T-dot-ba-doo-bwish-flarfla-bang represent. I don't think categories like "greatest living jazz musician" really compute - the great ones are kind of mutually incomparable - but if somebody jumped me in a shopping complex, dragged me into the washroom and started dunking my head in a toilet over and over until I said who's the greatest, I think Cecil's would be the name I'd spit out.

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