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Musique, Actuelley

Koenji Hyakkei.

As the annual Victoriaville International Festival of Musique Actuelle gears up in Quebec, those of us Toronto-bound have the consolation of the double-ought-seven edition of the VTO fest, put together by the indispensible Ron Gaskin of Rough Idea and the Music Gallery. My apologies that the Zoilus gig guide mistakenly listed the opening show with the Netherlands' Corkestra for tonight rather than last night, but there are still two shows that should command your attention: On Friday at the Music Gallery, there's the local Evergreen Club Gamelan Ensemble along with Vancouver's Fond of Tigers (featuring violinist and Drip Audio mastermind Jesse Zubot). And most excitingly, Sunday at the Horseshoe, from Japan comes KoenjiHyakkei, led by Yoshida Tatsuya, the percussionist from the monster bass/drum duo Ruins; this band is a theatrically baroque prog-rock unit with soprano vocalist Yamamoto Kyoko, singing in an invented language that draws on the Zeuhl tradition of the almost-literally cult French band Magma, a band still reverently spoken of in Europe but oft-overlooked in North America (poker pro Steve Davis testifies). Matching Yamamoto's vocal gymnastics will be Toronto's own polyglot improvimentalist Christine Duncan in a new configuration of Barnyard Drama, her duo with drummer Jean Martin, this weekend featuring Brandon Valdivia (percussion), Nick Storring (laptop, cello, keyboard), Colin Fisher (sax and guitar) and Justin Haynes (guitar).

Not officially part of the fest, noise group Magik Markers is at the Boat on Sunday, the day after their Victo set. No reports of any other off-fest events yet - if you get wind of a surprise Anthony Braxton, Acid Mothers Gong, Kevin Blechdom/Eugene Chadbourne or John Tilbury gig in town, be sure to send word, hm?

Meanwhile, also around town, check out my colleague Robert Everett-Green's lovely profile of Dark Blue World vocalist Elizabeth Fischer from Vancouver, who I recall from my favourite Canadian feminist funk-punk band of the '80s and '90s, Animal Slaves. Robert also spills some glowing ink on the debut album by PEI's Jenn Grant, whom I've had on my mental to-check-out list for a while now.

And finally, as the Gilmore Girls comes to a close tonight (I'm just about to watch the finale), read friend-of-Zoilus Helen Spitzer's heart-tugging personal essay about the effect the show had on her own unconventional family, from the Toronto Star.

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Heart-tugging personal essay is right. *snif* Thanks for the link, Carl.

Posted by Jamie on May 21, 2007 9:19 AM



magik markers show was moved to tiger bar apparently

Posted by Legge on May 16, 2007 9:08 AM



Lovely profile or a spinning floss spun around an easy mark?

I admire and respect the musicians in Dark Blue World.

The music is well crafted.

Craft spun around a warmed over Brechtian gestalt.


Posted by nilan on May 16, 2007 7:41 AM




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