by carl wilson

Au Revoir, Little Luca
(The Second Floor Will Never Be the Same!)

I've been decked-out with a cold virus the past couple of days - 'sbeen all I could do to meet regular deadlines, so no bloggery. But I wanted to pop in and wish a cheerio and a pip-pip to Luca aka Captain Easychord, who is about to take his grime-lovin' self off to Blighty in order (I'm guessin') to be closer to the action. But the T-dot will miss his reppin' for and spreading the seeds of the new grooves, for serious. Last chance tonight to catch his classic joint Expensive Shit, five bucks at the Boat on Augusta, with possible special guests and so forth. Me, I'll be working, so if you go, high-five the guy, buy him a drink and request some M.I.A. to bug his ass for me, wouldja? And tell him to keep in touch.

Elsewise - the Times plays catchup on the Do They Know It's Halloween story. Today's NOW puts my boys Tangiers on the cover, gets the lowdown on the Fiery Furnaces' grandma project and tells us Dunjen is pronounced Doo-yen, a fact one wishes would be mentioned in Eye's cover story on them. Eye does score, however, in getting the lowdown on the Fugees reunion and the New Pornographers-Broken Social Scene BEEF.

In other local news, a reminder of Saturday's event to help out Mike Hansen, who ran New Works Studio for quite awhile as a venue for experimental soundz in Toronto; he had to close it for personal reasons anyway, but first it got B&E;'d and burgled this summer. The event, at the Oasis from 5 pm till closing time, should be a great noisy-music night, tho it competes with the Hidden Cameras New Orleans benefit the same night - ah, too much charitas to go around. See the gig guide for further edification on all things live and local, all creatures great and small.

Now back to rockin' my pneumonia and boogie-woogyin' my flu.

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Fair cop, "Not Today," altho I think the NPs and the BSSs are making fun of themselves, not of hip-hop. And while the joke is an overplayed one, I don't think it's condescending so much as self-deprecating about one's own so-not-cool dorkiness.

There's a conversation to be had about Ninja High School on this theme, by the way, and with their new album coming out it's gonna be hard to avoid. I want to side with this band that's given me such good times, and which includes friends of mine, but it's a tough one to dissect and defend. (Which is obivously a huge part of the intention.)

Posted by zoilus on October 6, 2005 11:37 PM



or parodying Ryan Adams. There's never anything wrong with parodying Ryan Adams.

Posted by shudder on October 6, 2005 11:16 PM



Ha ha, a New Pornographers/Broken Social Scene beef. Once again, too-cool bands get laughs by parodying rappers.

Posted by not today on October 6, 2005 9:06 PM



Um, Ben is welcome to share the boys. I wasn't claiming to be their manager, or even the Jon Landau to their Springsteen, or nothin.

Posted by zoilus on October 6, 2005 8:48 PM



to be fair, tangiers are equally ben rayner's boys. just sayin'.


Posted by marco on October 6, 2005 7:12 PM




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