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'What I Really Need Now Is Ideas'


The October concert schedule in this city is so insane - seriously, there's barely a night in the next month that there aren't battles for your love goin' on - that compiling the calendar has taken up all my spare time the past couple of days. Leavin' zis heah blawg bohh-rinnng, je sais je sais. Enjoy the above picture of Dan Destroyer Bejar singing in Vancouver meanwhile and jot over to Artblot for more of the same from the New Pornographers' show out there (they're due in Hogtown - does anyone still call this city that? - a week from Sunday). (Thanks to For The Records for the link.)

With the avalanche of (mostly) third albums this week from various highly hyped Toronto-based bands - Broken Social Scene, Constantines, Metric, Deadly Snakes, Tangiers - as well as the disbanding of Three Gut Records, it seems like a good moment for taking stock, and I hope to give the matter some consideration in the next couple of days. I'd be interested to hear your own theories.

Meanwhile I'm writing up an interview with the gentle and thoughtful Alejandro Escovedo for this Friday's 7 - the weekly entertainment tabloid in the Globe. I'm going to be doing mid-length show previews for them most weeks from here in, a less-stressful substitute for ye olde columnal duties. Links, comme d'habitude, will be posted here. (Sorry for the franglais introjections - i just finished that Godard biography at long last ... far from a definitive book, I'm afraid - worthwhile for fans, but not enough of either new information or new insight, just dribs and drabs of each, and certainly its treatments of the various films seem fitful.)

Last evening I attended night 2 of the fall Interface series with Achim Kauffman, Michael Moore, Dylan van der Schyff, and Wolter Wierbos at Arraymusic. (I believe my colleague Mark Miller will have a review of night 1 in Wednesday's Globe.) The Monday program featured a generous evening of five sets - three planned improvs followed by unannounced sets by the trio and the trio with Wierbos - happily, since I thought I wasn't going to get to see those combos this week. In fact I was too Monday-night bleary to give it proper attention, but Wierbos's solo trombone set certainly woke me up for awhile, a tremendously energetic and varied performance in which he often vamped a little to set up a pulse and then solo'd "over" himself - quite a trick for a single brass instrument. Not profound, but with great robust humanity. The first and third sets didn't really 'get' me. The drumming in each case was too busy/overbearing (Joe Sorbara's impulses were solid, but the dynamics evaded him) and I didn't find myself in love with Michael Moore as an improvisor - I enjoy his work in compositional form (especially his Bob Dylan cover albums) but didn't feel much spark from him on this particular Monday evening. On the other hand, Achim Kauffman was a beautifully liquid and assured pianist previously unfamiliar to me, reminding me how I am missing my piano while we are in our temporary digs. (Not that I can play remotely like that - he just spread the 88-fingered love.) Eric Chenaux was the ingenious burdock as always. I was pleased to see Matt Brubeck for the first time since witnessing his Oranj Symphonette in the nineties, though he seemed a bit out-of-water in that set. And Vancouver's Dylan van der Schiff is just a stupendous drummer, who had the volume issue totally under control and whose blows always fell gracefully (almost too gracefully?) on the ear. So there was plenty to enjoy, and no doubt I could have taken in more if my own spirit had been more willing - but the "interface" between locals and guests this particular night wasn't at its strongest. There's plenty of promise in the climax of the series tonight, so if you are in town and free, treat yourself.

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as a friend said to me recently: "it's so much easier to face the onset of winter when there are so many great shows coming up" (or something like that).

i totally agree... very excited about interpol, lyrics born, new pornographers and the go! team...

Posted by mason on September 27, 2005 9:45 PM



destroyer. i got to see him this weekend solo and with NP. if you get the chance, dont miss it!

Posted by dogonwheels on September 27, 2005 8:55 PM




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