by carl wilson

Alert: David Essig


I'm irked to discover I omitted this from the live listings earlier: David Essig is making a rare Toronto drop-in tonight at an unknown-to-me club called The Kitchen, out Danforth way. If you haven't run into Essig at any time in his 35 or so years on the Canadian music scene, but you're interested in real folk and blues, intelligent songwriting and virtuoso guitar (especially slide), you should check him out - he's somewhere in the Richard Thompson-John Fahey rank of pickers, and his 1981 experimental album In the Tradition (recorded by Daniel Lanois) was my introduction to avant-garde acoustic guitar playing in general (again, in the Fahey not the Bailey stream). He's also a great, raw wood-rust-and-smokehouse singer of CBGB (country-blues-and-bluegrass) songs, a writer of literate reflective autobiographical pieces, an accomplished player of the Korean kayagum, and a warm-but-tough presence as a live performer. (You can preview some tracks here.) Apparently he recently recorded with the Sacred Steel guitarists the Campbell Bros. - I'd love to hear that collaboration. I'm working and can't make it - if you do, report back.

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