by carl wilson

Sunburned Saturday Night


Bulletin: A "secret" appearance by a Massachusetts collective will take place late night in Toronto on Saturday, after their show elsewhere in town. The evening begins at 10:30 pm with a set by Toronto improv titans CCMC (Paul Dutton, John Oswald and Michael Snow), continues with a set by the awesome Awesome at midnight, and then the anonymous freak-folk-psych-noise collective hits the stage sometime around 1:30 a.m. (Sample the sound at the bottom of this Krudmart page or in Chuck Eddy's picks.) The tariff to enter this alternate dimension is $8, less than half the cost for their legally sanctioned appearance elsewhere, although the heaviosity of that other bill should be humbly acknowledged. Location: The Boat, 158 Augusta, Kensington Market.

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...went to far as i was concerned it was amateur night....missed ccmc, which i heard were great....'awesome' was a b+ for peasant-Residents garb but aside for a few glimmers of musical interest (pan-lid and firebell gamelan and a faux mtubi pygmy chant)proceeded to play the same rhythmic pulse through their whole set and threw their gear around afterwards....i really tried to get into it and if they cut their set by 25% they might have convinced me, but the emperor had no clothes after the last lick was played out...sunburned made me wish i had gone to see the punkers down the street...kinda the same energy but pissed away in 'art statement' histrionics...mind you i left after their 2nd 'song'....more rehearsal and less attitude, kids...had a good time hangin'inside with boon and christie and outside with knurl, gastric female reflex and a very confused female street citizen, so the evg. was not a total loss...

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