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Wil-MAA! Have You Seen My Sonic Youth Shirt!?


William New, the scenius behind the now-revived Elvis Mondays (a 24-year weekly tradition, not counting blackouts, in Toronto), describes the place of rock in contemporary life to Eye's Howard Druckman:

"Twenty years ago, people formed punk-rock bands because they wanted to create art. Now, often a rock'n'roll band is our generation's version of a bowling team: four like-minded individuals get together once a week to rehearse - that is, to bowl - and every six weeks or so they'll do a gig - like a tournament - and once a year they'll do merch, like making bowling shirts. It's a way for those four guys to get together and have a few beers, almost like a social thing. They're not willing to give up their day jobs, get in a van and go tour the country."

Bowling night number one is at the Drake on Monday, and the relaunch of Elvis Monday offers a nostalgic lineup: Jose Contreras (ex-By Divine Right), Mousekiss (William New's new band), The Mercurymen, Neil Arbic (ex-A Neon Rome, reading poetry and playing sitar), John Borra (ex-A Neon Rome, ex-Change of Heart) and a Los Cholos reunion. (To learn more about all these bands, read this.) I trust future installments will feature more of those "kid bands," but for one night, the old-school groove is well-deserved.

Other live events in Toronto, including some just-announced tsunami-relief action, are in the freshly updated (all together now) gig guide.

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