by carl wilson

'Some Men They Take Your Heart Away/ Some Men They Take Your Eyes'


get your mind out of your pants.
generally, I'd try to creep past fashionly boys -
you're like "hey pumpkin, wanna dance?"
even the boys, girl,
where the ladies are tight,
you fuck like a gayboy, hon,
you ride, ride, ride!

If those lyrics aren't enough to persuade you Torontoistas to come out to rYAN kAMSTRA's CD launch tonight, dammit, I don't know what is.

Maybe the thought that it's a queer-straight semi-drag Can Can at the Vatikan, Toronto's tiniest twee-est goth bar?

Maybe some mp3's, also available on Ryan's page? Maybe the promise of a stage show by painter-videomaker Margaux Williamson? She promises: "There will be paper bull's skulls. There will be people in love. There will be a bit (a very small bit) of glitter. There will definitely be tight pants."

Maybe an all-star dancer cast of Tyler Clark Burke, Sherwin Tija, Matt Crookshank, Lisa Pereira, Ben Phelan, Marlena Zuber, Dan Goldman, Leslie Taylor, Jill Binder, Alex Winfield, Eric Hart, Randy Ray, David Best, Erin O'Hara, Laurie Petrou, Marc Piccinato, Elana McMurty and more?

The fact that Ryan's a poet, novelist and award-winning pornographer? Or even that I sing back-up on the album, in a choir of non-singers that Ryan put together, kinda the way some film directors cast non-actors?

Don't argue, just hustle:

i want an army: The November Show
Wednesday November 17, 9 PM
The Vatikan. 1032 Queen Street West. $5

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