by carl wilson

Gig Alert: Steel Strings, Sinew and Saliva

It's grumping me out that I probably can't make it, so I urge Toronto-area readers to hustle downtown tonight to see Jack Rose (Virginia - pictured above), Harris Newman (Montreal) and The Reveries (Toronto) tonight at the Tranzac (on Brunswick just south of Bloor) starting at 9:30, $7.

Jack Rose is described as a "folk-blues dervish," which catches the various clouds floating around his guitar style, a country-and-eastern kind of deal. He's well-matched tonight with Harris Newman, who is on a shimmery-shivery John Fahey tip but with real sinew and conviction. And the Reveries' "sweet jazz" is filtered through a strange orally-fixated electronic system that must be seen and heard to be believed, old-world pop standards drooled out as if from the schizo-divine exiled prophet moaning from the cuckoo's nest, Miss Ratchet on hand with her syringe full of bad dreams.

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Jack was great. It took me a while to get in his zone and meditate with his music. Just when I got there, he finished, much to the suprise of the audience.

The reveries were heavy. I think it was only my second time seeing them. They truly are toronto's weirdest band. (as said by mr. zoilus) Ryan on the slide rule bass will blow anyone's mind. If the avant garde world at large gets hold of these guys, they could get really busy.


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