by carl wilson

Blocks: Mental!

Front to back: Vanessa & Kat of Barcelona Pavilion; Magali of the Phonemes; all of BLOCKS RC. Pic pilfered from Aperture Enzyme.

"Mental" is such a good insult-compliment cluster. "Mental" is the new "retard" -which was always kinda a dubious reappropriation, akin to white suburban kids calling each other "nigger." No such trubble with "Mental"! It's just a category. Live it, love it, use it.

Now, news from Blocks Recording Club, home of the Barcelona Pavilion, Creeping Nobodies, Bob Wiseman, the great Toronto Is Great! compilation, the terrific new Deep Dark United cd (review forthcoming in der Globe), Ninja High School, Hank, Les Mouches, Phonemes, Animalmonster and The Blankket (phew!). Totally swiped from their website, following news that they are currently studio-less and mention that half their roster will play Pop Montreal next week:

"Oct. 17: Canzine! Blocks has taken out an entire room at this years Canzine. Our intention is to move the entire Cold Floors Apparatus into the room and record one new (entirely new, no advanced practicing, no nothing) band every hour for the entire duration of Canzine. A strict NO JAMMING rule will be in effect, spontaneous comfort and confidence as well as complete and utter participation are the only pre-existing criteria for prospective musicians. We are also enforcing a strict NO JERKS rule. These recordings will then be almost instantaneously made available for purchase in limited editions. This project is also being helped along by Consumption Records who we really can't say enough good things about. Expect surprise musical groupings, and if you turn out also expect to be invited to join. Spectatorship is not actually some fun kind of passive participation, nor is it the same thing as glaring or invasively looking.

"TBC: 8 HOUR DRONE SHOW! Yet another spontaneous recording project but unlike the Canzine project this one is curated by Alex Snukal of Animal Monster and has a single goal and dominant theme. This one will be physically incredible! Still looking to nail down some dates and people but count on it to RULE!"

That's why Blocks is a club and not a label: You can't stick this shit on a shirt.

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