by carl wilson


Just announced:
The WoodChopper's Association @ The Tranzac Club
Thursday September 16 2004, Doors 9:30pm


The lowdown:
"Starting at 10pm there is going to be four knockdown sets played by four different WoodChopper bands. Oh Ya! Come and celebrate Lewis Melville's 50th Birthday along with such fine friends as: Jesse Baird, Blake Howard, Jake Ulrichs, Chris Banks, Rob Clutton, Victor Bateman, Andrew Downing, Uncle Lew Melville, Tim Posgate, Terence Dick, Eugene Slonimerov, Brian Cram, Lena Allemano, Scott Good, Scott Thomson, Doug Tielli, Jenny Mitchell, Scott Cameron, Brodie West, Paul Newman, Kenny Kirkwood, Glen Hall, John Oswald, Jay Baird, Dave French, Julia Hambleton, Daphydd Hughes, Tania Gill, Misha Glouberman, Mike Hansen, James Anderson and more special guests to be announced!"

The hype:
"You don't get this much awesome mojo stuffed into one room on just any old day. N'est pas?"

The endorsement: True nuff. Don't miss the phun.

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hey carl wilson:

nice blog site.
just stumbled on it via luke bowden's bringing me up to date on the guelph happenings after noma's show...
sure wish i'd known about your lastminutegigalert page...
excellent excellent idea, btw...
noma did a show at toronto's mod club theatre w/ astrogroove on sept 8 on our way to guelph...
if i'd known of your site then, maybe a few more people would have known about that gig!

oh, well, then...
phat hed trio at the cheval blanc (mtl) oct 20&27

keep up the good work,
pip pip!
tom walsh

Posted by tom walsh on September 17, 2004 12:08 AM




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