by carl wilson

21st Century Schizoid Mullet


Me and Mrs Zoilus at Tyler Clark Burke's sadly underattended Midnight Masquerade party last month at the Drake.

And here's a pic of our friends Misha Glouberman and Margaux Williamson at the party too.


All masks made by Tyler and selected with the help of charming assistants at the front door. Hope Tyler holds another of these "Receptions of Deception" - it's dizzyingly silly, erotic and disorienting to dance your way towards last call with a bunch of formally dressed animal-robot-monsters. All the better if we could do it in a town without last call - what say we hold the next one in Berlin?

Speaking of pretty pictures, The National Post is running pieces by Leslie Feist all week as part of their summer artists' diaries series. Here's the first one, sadly sans photo. (I suspect this link will break quickly.)

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you all look basically the same

Posted by pointer on August 21, 2004 10:32 AM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson