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Gossip Brings You Pleasure

Heard on the grapevine, or rather the beervine, at the Communist's Daughter last night: Tangiers (scroll down) are signing to French Kiss Records, home of Les Savy Fav, The Hold Steady, Enon, etc. A fine bit of matchmaking - boho rock aesthetes meeting up a dark NYC alley - that will see the stylish and brainy Toronto rawkers (at least core members James Sayce and Josh Reichmann [pictured], given the band's lineup chaos the past 12 months) heading into a New York studio late this fall to get physical on a followup to this year's hotwired Never Bring You Pleasure. The boys are hopeful their new label friends can introduce them to similarly suave European aid. Future daydreams include a Canadian major deal, though they're certainly open to their friendly neighbourhood indies as well. But before all that happens, they should go on a nice romantic holiday, don't you think? Me too.

And with that newsbite, I'm off for the weekend to Weakerpeg (renamed in honour of the Weakerthans) for a wedding and other family matters. Expect no posts till Tuesday. Meanwhile you can amuse yourself with ILM's Rough Guides to Everything from "the seasons" to "Memphisian hip-hop" to "Queen Street West":

Rough Guide To Toronto's Queen Street West
1. Handsome Ned - Put The Blame On Me
2. Rough Trade - High School Confidential
3. Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach
4. Jane Siberry - Waitress
5. Parachute Club - Rise Up
6. Blue Rodeo - Try
7. Mary Margaret O'Hara - Year In Song
8. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Who Painted Whistler's Mother
9. Bruce McCulloch - These Are The Daves I Know
10. Dinner Is Ruined - Carnival of Sole
11. Change of Heart - Smile
12. Neon Rome - Windowsill
13. Ron Sexsmith - Gonna Get What's Mine
14. Crash Vegas - Pocahontas
15. Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
16. Rheostatics - Dope Fiends & Boozehounds

I think I can bear all of that except No. 5 and No. 15. The very very early Sexsmith track's a nice touch. But while not much can equal Miss No. 7, Toronto music sure has gotten more intriguing and diverse overall. Of course if you were to update it to the same stretch of Queen Street West now (University to Spadina), it would consist mainly of Nelly, Avril, Norah and whatever else they currently play on the sound systems at chain shoe boutiques. Anyone have suggestions for a Rough Guide to West Queen West? I nominate Tangiers' I Wanna Go Out....

And nobody say Tea Party, wise guys.

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