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By a Virtual Thread You Hang in My Hood

If you are wondering just where in the hell bands like the Hidden Cameras, Broken Social Scene, les Mouches, Madrid, Royal City, K-Os, etc etc are coming from, take a photographic tour of Toronto's neighbourhoods here. A nice resource for T-dot-dwellers and would-be visitors side by each.

Today in the Globe & Mail, somebody else interviews Carl (aka "A.C.") Newman, currently moonlighting from his New Pornographers dayjob... thereby leaving me without a column topic this week, dammit. (I would link you to the story but it doesn't seem to appear on our site.) See you again later in the week, when I have cracked certain cryptic concept-generation codes along the way to refreshing that pesky "In Print" content (above).

Meanwhile: Lagging a bit (predictably) behind the sensitive mainstreamers (REM, Springsteen), the politicized indies (Billy Bragg, Spearhead et al) the hip-hop world gets busy against Bush. And not a second too soon. (Cf. bogus post-Democratic-convention crisis manufacture this morning. Jesus, is nothing too transparent for these guys? Wait, forget I asked that. I'm sure this is nothing compared to what we'll see in the next three months.)

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