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What came out of the horn were not balloons but a bouquet of milkweed, sourgrass, dandelions and such

I've been putting it off, but before the Toronto Downtown Jazz fest is over (a week from today - it began a few days ago) I thought I'd post some picks. Click "Read More" below to see 'em.

In other festival news: There's a useful rundown of upcoming local events - the Distillery District Globe Cafe fest, Afrofest, the Bluesfest, and the Youssou N'Dour show at Harbourfront - by new World Music writer John Goddard in today's Toronto Star.

And in yesterday's Globe & Mail, a fine piece by Greg Buium about the Vancouver Jazz Festival which, like the upcoming Montreal fest (without even mentioning the Victoriaville, Popolo, Guelph and the new local Distillery Jazz [formerly Fringe] festivals) always makes Toronto's annual event look like an exhausted workhorse. Even this year's near-death and sponsorship switch didn't kick much more life into the old dray. What will it take, O lord?

(And Question 2: Must they really all take place at exactly the same time? I realize we're creating a circuit, but surely it would be improved if they were sequential rather than concurrent or overlapping?)

Carping aside, here's the good news: [...]

Jazz Fest Picks (**= the hottest)

Today (June 27)
** Chris Potter Quartet, Top O' the Senator, 9:30 pm (with Potter on sax and Wayne Krantz, guitar, Craig Taborn on Rhodes and Nate Smith, drums)
Thom Gossage & Other Voices, National Film Board, 8 pm
Habana Sax, Lula Lounge, 8:30 pm
Mike Murley/David Braid Quartet, Montreal Bistro, 9 pm

ELECTION DAY: Mon, June 28
(But first, vote...)
Heillig Manoeuvre, Commerce Court, 12 pm
**Blind Boys Of Alabama + Ken Whiteley Band , Nathan Phillips Square, 8 pm
Fred Hersch and Don Thompson, Montreal Bistro, 9 pm
Shuffle Demons, Hummingbird Centre Lower Lounge, 9 pm
**Outside Sources, NFB, 8 pm

Tues, June 29
Afrodizz, Revival, 8 pm
Fred Hersch and Don Thompson, Montreal Bistro, 9 pm
Burning w/ Ultra Magnus, Silver Dollar, 10 pm

Wed, June 30
**Henneman String Quartet, NFB, 8 pm
Joanne Brackeen and George Cables, Montreal Bistro, 9 pm
DJ Cruz, Sage, 9 pm
Music of Metalwood (Metalwood with missing members), Rex Jazz Bar, 9:30 pm
** But you of course will be at Tin Tin Tin, Drake Hotel, 9 pm

CANADA DAY: Thurs, July 1
**Joanne Brackeen and George Cables, Montreal Bistro, 9 pm
Mike Murley Quartet, Rex Jazz & Blues Bar, 9:30pm

Fri, July 2
Jay McShann & Junior Mance, Montreal Bistro & Jazz Club, 9pm
Kevin Mahogany's Johnny Hartman Project, The Top O' The Senator, 9:30pm (thru Sun.)
** Nick Ali & Cruzao/Jason Wilson & Tabarruk, Lula Lounge, 10 pm
Mattias Stahl Quartet, NFB next wave, 8 pm (buzz-making Swedish vibes player and combo)

Sat, July 3
** Great Uncles of the Revolution, Rex, 12:30 pm (with Andrew Downing and Kevin Turcotte and guests Lina Allemano (trumpet) and David Occhipinti (guitar)
** Carlos Actis Dato, Youth Stage, 5 pm
Gary Burton Generations Quintet (including Makoto Ozone, piano) with the somewhat overrated Bad Plus, Nathan Phillips Square, 8pm
The legendary Funk Brothers, Kool Haus, 8 pm
** Vandermark 5 (Ken Vandermark, sax, ), NFB, 8 pm
Jay McShann & Junior Mance, Montreal Bistro, 9pm
Kevin Mahogany's Johnny Hartman Project, The Top O' The Senator, 9:30pm (thru Sun.)

Sun, July 4
Rhythm & Truth, Alexander the Great Parkette, 12 pm
Organ Summit featuring Joey DeFrancesco, Doug Riley, Jimmy McGriff, Paul Bollenback and Byron Landham, Nathan Phillips Square, 8pm
** Andy Milne & Dapp Theory, CTV Lunchtime Series, 2 pm
Nick Ali & Cruzao, Esplanade Bier Market, 8 pm
Dave Young & the Music of Charles Mingus, Rex Jazz & Blues Bar, 9:30pm

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Carl, I too lament at how great the vancouver festival and others are compared to Toronto but Jim Galloway will never be Ken Pickering and like artists, artistic directors are all unique and for now; we have Jim.

Having said that, even when they do some good things here, they still make huge gaffs. I was at the Krakatow concert, that was moved to a terrible venue last minute and was drowned out by a loud soundcheck going simultaneously to the concert twenty metres to the west. how does this happen?

Posted by tim posgate on June 28, 2004 10:47 PM




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