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Get a Record Deal and/or Stop the War (or Both)

North by Northeast fest recommendations and reflections in today's column. It's part of an onslaught of festival coverage in the Globe today, an unusual phenom - see also our summer intern Chris Lackner's fine piece on young bands' dreams of making it big at the showcases and my colleague Guy Dixon's report on the fate of the Factor grant program, pegged to events during NXNE. It's an important story, but I do have mixed feelings - Factor does promote a lot of mediocre MOR crap, and I see so many younger artists now doing great things without having to descend into that maw. But there will probably come a point in their development when they'll need that extra infusion of funds, and if the program helps even a fraction of them, it has a place. (Plus, there really ought to be Canadian music videos, occasionally, and I don't see how else that will ever happen.)

Meanwhile for those (me included) who like the picture but can't stand the scene, there's a good alternative for tomorrow night: A show more recently announced for tomorrow (Friday, June 11) at Cinecycle, the sweetest venue in the city. (129 Spadina Ave., enter off the alley south of Richmond St., 416.971.4273.)

The show is a benefit for the June 30th Coalition, a group that is organizing events to protest not just the war in Iraq but corporate profiteering from the war, on the date when the Bush administration will pass nominal control of the country over to various bought-and-paid-for cronies. All in all, an unusually well-thought-through cause.

Doors are at 8, show at 9, and as organizers put it: "The night will begin with goddamn! ANIMAL MONSTER! then before you've had a chance to cool down you will sweat in your socks to the alarming beauty that is FINAL FANTASY. (9:45?). If you haven't heard this" [solo violin stuff by Owen Pallett, the boy genius from the Hidden Cameras and Les Mouches] "then do yourself a big favour. You'll walk around thanking yourself and Owen for days. then THE PAULS will go on" [I don't know anything about them] "... (10:30?) Then you get THE BARCELONA PAVILION and you know you'll love it. (11:15?) And then if you got anything left you will witness JON-RAE AND THE RIVER and the freakout sing along that you should have more of in your life. Everybody sing! (midnight?)"

Good enough for ya, punk? Damn right it is.

But as if it weren't, they promise CCR covers. Be there.

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