by carl wilson

Over the Top

As if there weren't enough damn music in this city, overachieving indie kid Eric Warner has overextended himself again with this year's Over the Top festival in Toronto. While his tastes aren't my tastes, the lineup is consistently interesting - I'm sure looking forward to seeing the Nihilist Spasm Band again, and I love the name The Planet The, whoever they are.

Two concerts lead up to it, doubling as anniversary parties for .whacked out., Warner's production company: this Saturday at Sneaky Dees (431 College St.): I Am The World Trade Center; The Paper Lions; The Junction; Friday Morning's Regret. 9:30PM. $8. And Sunday at Rockit (120 Church St.) Need New Body (emphasis mine), Les Angles Morts, Letlowns. 8:00PM. $8. 19+

The festival itself is Apr. 29-May 2. The formatting on the website is too annoying to allow copying, but relatively easy for the visitor, so check out the exact schedule there. But I've highlighted a few of the list of bands:
The Abandoned Hearts Club; Arkata; Better Than Everyone; The Burdocks; Don Caballero; Chromeo; The Creeping Nobodies; Cursed; Date/Month/Year; Decibully; The Diskettes; Dr. Calypso & His Sensational Marching Band of Fiersome Friends; Drums & Tuba; The End; Fever Sheds; Grand Buffet; Japanther; Van Johnson; K; Kepler; Besnard Lakes; Look What You Did; Mare; Masters & Moderns; Mayor McCa; Notes; Nihilist Spasm Band; Party of Helicopters; The Planet The; Amanda Rogers; Sing That Yell That Spell; Sleeper Set Sail; Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players; Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start; The Unicorns; Volcano…I’m Still Excited and (see Dan Burke entry below) the Vulcan Dub Squad.

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