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Images in Vogue

In the gig guide down south a bit, I forgot to mention the musical component of the Images video festival also coming up this month, and they're notable dates:

Fri, Apr 16, 9:15 pm, Innis Town Hall: Tom Verlaine (ex-and-future-Television) and Jimmy Ripp play live dual guitar soundtracks to The Fall of the House of Usher (USA 1928), The Life and Death of 9413 – A Hollywood Extra (USA 1927), Man Ray's Emak Bakia (France, 1926) and Etoile de mer (France, 1928), Brumes d’automne (France, 1928), Fernand Léger's Ballet Mécanique (France, 1924)
They Caught the Ferry () and Carl T. Dreyer's rare De Naede Faergen (Denmark, 1943).

Sun, Apr 18, 9:15 pm, Innis Town Hall: Composer John Oswald presents the premiere of the Toronto version of his chronophotics video project, his "moving" stills - like frozen music.

Thurs, Apr 22, 9:15 pm, Innis Town Hall: Shalabi Effect from Montreal accompanies Argentina's 1968 The Hour of the Furnaces - "a collectively produced experimental documentary about US intervention in Argentina [that] launched an era of Third Cinema when it debuted in 1968," as a part of psychedelic oud player Sam Shalabi's continuing musical-rhetorical response to the "semantic break" of 9/11/01 (see last year's Osama). With Alexandre St. Onge, Anthony Seck and Will Eizlini, this is Shalabi Effect's official Toronto debut after eight years and three albums.

And Sat, Apr 24, 9:15 pm, Innis Town Hall, the closing gala: Winnipeg multimedia artist Daniel Barrow with post-Nurse With Wound audio-video collagist Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us (UK/NYC).

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