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April Shower of Shows

I'm sick and can't go. So you go for me. A last-minute recommendation to Torontopia types to go see Olympia, Washington's Old Time Relijun, Toronto's The Creeping Nobodies and Montreal's Wolf Parade tonight at Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt (just north of Bloor), $8, 9:30 pm.


Respectively, you'll get post-Captain Beefheart ethnomusicological free-blues led by Arrington de Dionyso, one of the most compelling performers around, not despite but because he's so flaky and self-indulgent; Fall/Ubu-inspired dark boogie from the Nobodies; and from the Montrealers, a sort of undergrad double-major in Ian Curtis and James Brown. Beyond that, the show's got a theme: "On a Day of Lost Light - The Greenest World," in tribute to Old Time Relijun's new album titled Lost Light and to the end of Daylight Savings Time.

That is, of course, if you're not busy seeing Neko Case with the Sadies at Lee's Palace, or Method Man at Kool Haus, or Antibalas at the Horseshoe or, hell, even Britney and Kelis at the Air Canada Centre. Tonight's a pretty typical night in a month for music in Toronto so good it's sick. Let me give you a little day-by-day rundown, for those who are always asking me about what's coming up that's good in town. [...]

As my friend Ben Portis remarked the other night, this city is really becoming an amazing one for music. I'll put a star beside the ones I'll try to attend.

Sun. Apr 4: * Wavelength 207 features The Two Koreas (Toronto music critics in a competent Fall-style rock band) and Temple Threat (Kim Temple of Me Mom and Morgentaler and many other projects) - Sneaky Dee's- PWYC.
Or more Neko Case/Sadies at Lee's, $15.

Mon. Apr 5: Weird War (ex-MakeUp) at the Horseshoe. $8.50
* Fred Eaglesmith with Ian Tamblyn and Corb Lund Band, Club 279. $18

Tues, Apr. 6: Blond Redhead and the Unicorns at (unfortunately) the Opera House, $18.50.

Wed. Apr 7: *The Reputation (ex-Sarge) at the Horseshoe, $4.
Mad Villain (MF Doom/Madlib) at the Opera House, $22.50.

Thurs. Apr 8: The Stills at Lee's Palace, sold out.
* Richard Buckner at the Horseshoe, $10.

Fri, Apr 9: *Kelly Hogan with Carolyn Mark and John Rauhaus at the Horseshoe, $8 (probably to be joined by Neko Case, who's rumoured to be doing a gig at the afterhours cowboy cave the Matador that night, too, which would absolutely be worth catching).
No Beat Radio Fundraiser feat. Lullabye Arkestra, Guitarkestra, Sailboats are White, Lenin I Shumov at The Drake Hotel.
And Hot Times dance party upstairs at the El Mocambo.

Sat. Apr 10: Stereolab and Clearlake at the Phonenix, $20.
* ART METRONOME feat Anthony & The Johnsons, The Hidden Cameras, Daniel Barrow, Daniel Olson, Marla Hlady, The Tristanos, DJs Luis Jacob, Andrew Zealley. Harbourfront Centre,$25-$50.
And once again, it's said, Neko Case & the Sadies at the Matador.

Sun Apr 11: A slow night so far, but you could always hit Wavelength 208 at Sneaky Dee's. The bill (Lee Van Cleef, The Slats) isn't familiar to me, but at W-l that's often a good thing.

Mon Apr 12: *Quannum's amazing world tour package with DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Latyrx, The Gift of Gab, DJ D Sharp, Lateef and the Chief Joyo Velarde, Lifesavas, Lyrics Born at (sadly) the Kool Haus, $32.50.

Tues. Apr. 13: *Baba Maal at the Phoenix. $25.

Wed. Apr. 14: *TV on the Radio (contenders for album of the year so far) at the Horseshoe, $10.

Thurs. Apr. 15: * The annual Exclaim! mag anniversary party with Tortoise, Four Tet, and Beans. Phoenix, $16.

Fri. Apr 16: A killer night, with Rufus Wainwright at the Phoenix ($27.50),
* Joel Plaskett Emergency at Lee's Palace ($12),
* Les Mouches' CD release with Scott Good and Colin Madeiros on horns LP (for You're Worth More To Me Than 1,000 Christians) with Montreal's intriguing Bell Orchestre, the Woolly Leaves, Vanessa Fischer, films by Luis Jacob and a DJ at The Music Gallery for $8. (I simply plan to be in two places at once!)
Also sounding good that night, from the previous Toronto indie wave, is Keven Hearn and Thinbuckle's CD release with Kurt Swinghammer, Martin Tielli, Wayne Omaha, John Southworth, Faceless Forces of Bigness. Church at Berkeley, $10.

Sat. Apr 17: The madness continues. Rufus is at the Phoenix again, then Valley of the Giants (members of Shalabi Effect, Godspeed, Broken Social Scene, Silver Mt. Zion etc) at the Drake Hotel ($10), Air at Kool Haus ($30.50), the *Hive Magazine launch (I wrote the cover story on artist and friend Margaux Williamson) with The Deadly Snakes, DJ Zahra, Denise Benson, Andrew Allsgood, Stuberman and Rondal Crump, Visuals by Roxanne @ Studio 99, 99 Sudbury. $10, Raising the Fawn CD launch with the Parkas at the Horseshoe ($8) and, as if that weren't enough, Herbie Hancock Trio at Massey Hall, which is really the place to be if you don't happen to have written the cover story of any magazines launching that night ($65.50).

Sun Apr 18: Valley of the Giants does a second night at the Drake.
* NYC cello improvisor Erik Friedlander is solo at the Rivoli ($15) supporting his new disc based on de Lautreamont's Maldoror.

Mon Apr 19: Easy one: Tobin Sprout at the Horseshoe, $10.50.

Tues Apr. 20: * Savath & Savalas and Juana Molina at Lee's Palace ($15)
But also Joss Stone at the Opera House ($22)
and Orchestra Baobab at Massey Hall ($35)

Wed. Apr. 21: You can stay home tonight.

Thur. Apr 22: Either go to Hamilton to see Cheap Trick open for Aerosmith (Copps Coliseum, $49-$90) or see pianist-electroacoustician John Kameel Farah in Toronto at the music gallery ($5).

Fri Apr 23: *It's mandatory to see Kraftwerk at the CNE (Ricoh Coliseum, $49) but it would not be unreasonable to, instead, see Damien Rice at Convocation Hall ($30), the Sebadoh comeback tour at the Horseshoe ($13.50), or even Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at Lee's Palace ($15). It would be fairly unreasonable to choose instead to see Edie Brickell at the El Mocambo ($25), unless you were Paul Simon. (Are they still together, or not?)

Sat. Apr. 24: The Suck My Disc collective's shows always seem intriguing. This time it's Spitfires & Mayflowers, Action Makes, Beneath Augusta and more at Sneaky Dee's.
But I bet something else for this night is going to come up.

Sun. Apr. 25: As usual, Wavelength, tonight featuring Mind of a Squid, The Besnard Lakes, DJ Upikit at Sneaky Dee's.

Mon. Apr. 26: It'd be nice to see Sarah Harmer at the Winter Garden ($32), but I'd rather go see Lars Von Trier's Dogville, or Iced Earth with Children of Bodom at the Guvernment maybe ($24.50). Maybe. It's still early for these end-of-month dates.

Tues. Apr. 27: I've never been to the * Ambient Ping series at C'est What, and it's free, and tonight they have ARC, Knurl, and Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks, so until something better comes along, here we are.

Wed. Apr. 28: I will of course be at *TIN TIN TIN at the Drake. Because I run it.
Here's the competition:
1. Neko Case, Carolyn Mark & Kelly Hogan at the Horseshoe.
2. Lloyd Cole at Lee's Palace
3. The Definitive Jux tour at the Funhaus with C Rayz, Mr. Lif, Murs, Sa Smash, Hangar 18, 4th Pyramid, and The Perceptionists
4. I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't CD release, Sneaky Dee's
5. Brian Auger's Oblivion Express at the Orbit Room (though this runs through May 1)
6. Einsturzende Neubauten at the Opera House.
We'll have to go all out with this one. We'll make it worth your while.

Thurs. Apr. 29: * The Over the Top festival begins in various locations. More on this to come.

Fri, Apr. 30: More Over the Top, plus:
- an interesting sounding show at the Gladstone called "Kurt Vonnegut Inspires..." with Music and Video Inspired by Slaughterhouse Five feat. Elliott Brood, Wax Mannequin, League Champs, Mnesomyne, Fever Sheds, Quasimojo, Crushkill, Fyathyrio/Instant Klazzix Video Artists Paul, Lindsay Key, Graham Leslie, Mark Sasso, Faderuss, Crushkill, DJ Penguin ($6)
- and, goddamn, Aretha at Roy Thomson Hall ($50-$150). Just in case you were afraid the month was going to end without a bang.

See you around. And around.

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readers of this post should also make sure they read the later "Images in Vogue" post - especially note the TOM VERLAINE show on Fri. the 16th.

Posted by zoilus on April 14, 2004 6:14 PM



Carl, you really missed out tonight. That Lost Light show was absolutely amazing! And I should know, I helped make it AMAZING. (only the weak are humble) we had an overhead projector, a slide projector, or two, two hand help lights which we brought up to the stage (think Stop Making Sense), and the bands were all drop-dead amazing! Add to that, the cut out bardboard animals with glowing red eyes, and the actual, real trees scattered about Dovercourt House, and you've got one of the best nights of my life.

And there were chairs. You could have come while still being ill. Shoulda been there.

- Matt

Posted by Matt Alexander on April 4, 2004 3:36 AM




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