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Show Emoter Dan

I'm stealing this one from the 20hz Toronto boards: At the Weewerk showcase in the CMW showcase this weekend, the Barmitzvah Brothers put a hilarious extra twist on their musical attack-on/tribute-to controversial music-scene figure Dan Burke, Show Promoter Dan - probably the best local candidate for a full expose/tell-all biography - with the key line: "People can tell at first sight/ They're going to have to fight." So, 20hz poster "Reverend_Matt" writes: [...]

"Jenny gave the mystery guest singer a heads up just before they went into Show Promoter Dan.

"After the verse about the dog and how Dan is probably a good guy inside the band went into a kind of musical loop (I'm sure there's a proper term for it, but I haven't got a clue) and DAN himself came onto the stage and grabbed the microphone. He was wearing a white undershirt and was looking like Iggy Pop with short hair and a little more flesh between his skin and bones.

" 'I am the subject of this song. And I had prepared a rap to go along,' and so on. I couldn't make out most of what he said, but the delivery was great, and it almost ryhmed some of the time. He was reading off of several pieces of 8.5X11 sheets of paper taped together, with typed somethings on one side and his hand written notes on the other. He'd read part of it, and then thrust his hand behind his back to recite it. Then strain in the dim light to read the next part. [...]

"When he was done they went back into the chorus, 'People can tell from first sight..." and Dan called out, 'But not tonight!' It was great!

"Overall the show was fantastic. A nice full line up featuring the lethargians and Gillian on Accordian, a tamborine and an older fellow on guitar who's name I didn't catch. Jenny's vocals were a little low, but the set was mostly the louder songs, which worked great given the audience.

"And for the last song, something I'd never heard before, they called as many people onto the stage as would come and handed out paper airplanes made of newspaper. Everyone helf on until the last line (repeated) "FLY!!!!" and the airplanes flew out into the crowd. The crowd picked them up and flew them back on stage, and then they came back again and back and forth again and again and it was great! Lots of fun. A might fine show from the Barmitzvah Brothers once again."

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COMMENTS promoter dan's lyrics for his rap reply segment during the recent barmitzvah brothers performance at the weewerk showcase march 6th
- wee pee klygo

"I'm the show promoter
the chairman of the bad lieutenant
hear my truth
i ain't no self-annointed artist
or bourgeouis dilletante
in fact
i recall, i recall
half a score of years ago
i took a club about to fall
into its grave like biggie small
i put the neon back
on the rock and roll shack
still y'all wanted
to paint me conrad black
im tupac..eddie shack..kerouac, jack
my reward, my reward
for what i restored
outlawed and misled
by the time i called the brothers
i was nearly dead
yeah, they came from guelph
but i promised them no wealth
all i has was damo
and no financial health
no financial health
so remember this remember this
if you gotta dis'
sometimes i lied
but at least i tried
to rock this fuckin' boat
i ain't no bovine goat
no priest at a feast
in a country full of poor
where the ton ton macoutes
come crashing through the door
ecoutez duvalier
from japan to berlin
i brought bands in
and i wish you'd been
to see what we did
when i wasn't full of sin
and, if the time ain't too thin
i'll do something great again
another worthy mission
that you ain't got within
fear that truth
fear my shoes
which you can't fill

------------------------all rights burke' 2004.

Posted by wee pee klygo on March 11, 2004 11:37 AM




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