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What's Shakin' at the Music Gallery

I've got a bunch of notes on new CDs and other reflections (on current reading, other blogs, etc.) burbling around in my head and hope to get them up here in the next day or two, but a little news meanwhile.

In my interview with Toronto Music Gallery artistic director Jim Montgomery for this week's column (link coming tomorrow), he told me quite a lot that couldn't make it into the piece. Among the MG's efforts to build audience back up, they're working on their web site, which for now is still pretty perfunctory. Apparently the MG has recorded every show; I'm not sure how far back he meant -- probably not to 1976, but still a shitload of hot new-music shows. And they're trying to make the whole archive available on-line, which would be an astounding resource for anybody into out jazz, contemporary composition, improv, electroacoustic music etc.

He also had some personal reflections on the state of new music that I couldn't fit into the article:

"I'm not sure whether I'm just getting old, but it seems to me that when organizations like New Music Concerts started, it was not unusual to have five or six hundred people come to a show, and the attitude was, 'Wow, I wonder what this is?' I don't see that now. Not that there's nobody like that, but people seem much more - maybe it's that they're bombarded by so much stuff that they're leery. That's one reason we've always talked about the respect of the music... we have soft-pedalled the hype, and we try to keep the press releases as unpurple as possible. But I don't think the general cultural climate is as receptive as it maybe was."

Is he right or is it that the MG is more associated today (unlike a decade ago) with the more academic side of the spectrum, which doesn't arouse the same kind of curiosity? I am always such an optimist about the indie-experimental crossover phenomenon, and the players that come out of it, but I get sobering reality checks from jazz vets and the likes of Montgomery now and then, and the audience numbers (except if you're Godspeed You Black Emperor or Sigur Ros or other Radiohead-endorsed acts) don't seem to support the fantasy that listeners are following where the musicians lead.

Have I been thinking that things were getting better where they were actually getting worse?

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Just to be flippant for a moment:

Anyone else notice the similarities getween the Bush administration and the Borg?

"Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated into the New World Corporate Order!"

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