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Three Easy Pieces from the Bureau of Good Housekeeping

April 5th, 2010

Thanks for your patience over my March break, everybody. That over, here are a few announcements:

One. Probably the most conspicuous to many local users will be the fact that the Gig Guide page is no longer being updated, and soon will vanish. Zoilus picks for Toronto live shows will continue to appear over in the left margin, hopefully updated at least weekly and looking at least a week or two ahead. (Maybe further in the case of particularly exciting and likely-to-sell-out events.) Please continue to send listings our way!

Two. The Links page, which is massively out-of-date, will disappear too; the “latest links” element in the left margin should get more active.

Three. As both those points suggest, Zoilus.com is shape-shifting: It will still be home to any more Toronto-focused notes I have to make; it will still keep you updated on what I’m publishing, or events I’m doing (that will probably be a larger portion of things, in fact); reflections on criticism and comments on currently raging blogosphere controversies will probably appear here (though they are also likely to pop up in more shorthanded form on Twitter, Facebook, etc.) But broader music-and-culture-related thoughts or comments on particular songs, records, films, etc., will soon begin appearing on a new, as-yet-unnamed group blog to launch sometime in the next month, with collaborators Margaux Williamson and Chris Randle. Much more about that site in the near future. Meanwhile, thank you for reading for however long you’ve been reading, and hope to keep in touch with you as my online life gets a little makeover for the new decade.

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  2. tim posgate says:

    Wow, Carl…feels a bit like the end of an era. I think we as readers are lucky to have had such a great place to hang out for this long. I hope these new directions bring you great happiness and large sums of money (Ha!)

    See you soon.
    tim p

  3. sean says:

    it is too early for me to give a smiley-face emoticon at this news, but i will also refrain from giving a frowny-face. i look forward with great appetite and anticipation to some slightly-more-frequent dispatches from you, carl. i’ve missed you.

  4. andrew says:

    looking forward to more Zoilusian activity, although I must admit the gig guide will be missed!

  5. a.raw says:

    spring clean. will miss the gig guide but glad you’ll still flag shows of note. group blog sounds fun.

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