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X-Browed Notes

October 21st, 2009

I haven’t got time to respond to this exhaustive and enjoyable discussion of taste and high-low-middle “brows” (which kindly references my book) today but expect it soon, perhaps both here and here.

Meanwhile my brow is simply bouncing at the thought that the Music Gallery’s X-Avant festival starts today in Toronto, themed around “scenius” and collaboration, with the first-ever Canadian performance by Krautrock (kosmiche muzik) legends Cluster (less than a month after seeing Faust!) - with Phantom Orchard (Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori), a “Hip-Hop/New Music Summit,” Iva Bittova and Chris Cutler, Six Finger Satellite, and more to follow. Reports from the shows will appear here where possible the next few days.

If you’re not in Toronto, get your nu-muze fix from Zoilus’s compadres at Destination Out who have previews of the extraordinarily hot shit what Vijay Iyer’s trio with Stephen Crump and Marcus Gilmore has got up to lately. Need further convincing? Feast your I’s and ‘ere’s below as the trio offers a persuasive reinvention of M.I.A.’s 2005 breakthrough single Galang, as recorded for their new disc Historicity.

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