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The News Today - Oh Boy!
(Pop Montreal, Ignatieff, ECHO Prize)

October 5th, 2009

My roundup of Pop Montreal is in today’s Globe and Mail.

The Leader of the Opposition sounds like he’s been reading my book: “You can like hockey, you can like classical music. Let’s stop playing Canadian against Canadian or taste against taste.”

Congratulations to Toronto’s D-Sisive for winning the $5,000 purse in the 4th annual ECHO Songwriting Prize for “emerging” artists - against strong competition from Land of Talk, Timber Timbre, Joel Plaskett and Sebastien Grainger - for his affecting “Nobody With A Notepad” (from Let the Children Die).

Which makes it a good day to announce that D-Sisive is one of the three acts - along with Joe Pernice (see Zoilus past) and The Reveries (Rat-Drifting) - playing a show I’ve curated at the Music Gallery for Wednesday, November 11, called “Songs for Jesse Presley.” The night is a tribute to Berlin artist Candice Breitz’s current exhibition at The Power Plant on the themes of fandom, twins and identity. Named after Elvis’s stillborn twin, it will feature all three acts - rap, indie-pop and avant-whatsit - playing covers of songs that influenced them and helped shape their own musical identities, along with some of their own tunes.

Here’s the video for D-Sisive’s winning track.

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  2. Lena says:

    I’ve recently discovered this street musician from Canada by the name of Bodhi Jones, his music is quite simple and understated but very honest and heart felt. He seems to be involved in some kind of online vote competition.

    You can vote at http://www.bodhijones.com

    I’m sure he could use our support, what with being a street busker and all.

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