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Ex Week: Part 1

September 8th, 2009

The Ex and Getatchew Mekuria at Lincoln Centre, Damrosch Park, 8/20/08, photographed by Heart on a Stick.

In celebration of this week’s visit by Amsterdam’s The Ex (among my favourite bands of all time) & Ethiopia’s Getatchew Mekuria [Mekurya] to the Guelph Jazz Festival, to Montreal and to Toronto’s Polish Combatants Hall (courtesy of Wavelength), Zoilus is going to be featuring The Ex and related matters for the rest of this week, along with whatever else comes up. Some days it may just be links and vids and stuff; other times, more substantive posts.

To get started, I highly recommend reading this interview from last summer with the Ex’s Andy Moor, from the pages of Washington-based Ethiopian News. It provides the context for this unlikely-seeming collaboration between a 30-year-running Dutch punk band and an elderly Ethiopian saxophone star. But to hell with context, what about content? Well, here’s direct evidence of why you should give a damn: The Ex & Mekuria kicking the universe’s ass at Lincoln Centre in New York a year ago. (Video by EEPEEYEEP.)

Tomorrow, a little Ex-cavation of the past three decades.

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