by carl wilson

Thursday Reading on a Friday Morning
(or, The Wild Kindness)

Help help help Montreal's The Adam Brown: Benefit next Thurs.!

The only things musically worth reading in Eye or NOW this week are 1. Dave Morris's interview with the Coup about how exactly you recover your career after putting out an album cover showing the World Trade Center being blown up, a few days before the WTC actually was blown up. And 2. Battling conversations with hip-hop record-collecting pioneer Freddy Fresh, who's spinning at Supermarket tomorrow (Fri Oct 21) night. Not that there isn't other good music mentioned in their pages (Ninja High School, Freakwater, the Bellrays) but this week's penmanship is at low ebb. So let's look elsewhere.

Sit right back and my colleague Robert Everett-Green will tell you the tale of a fateful trip in which Dr. Dre and Burt Bacharach somehow end up recording together. It's funny because it's true.

The latest buzz, fuelled by Drag City's release of this joke 7" to accompany the Silver Jews' new Tanglewood Numbers, is that there may finally be some substance given to the long-rumoured Silver Palace project, i.e., a collab' between David Berman and Will Oldham. Presumably as Oldham aka Palace aka Bonnie Prince Billy's way of helping Berman aka DC Berman aka the Silver Jews aka Mr. Jews out of his shyness about live performance and into a viable touring position. Tour schedules have been bandied about, though not in any very reliable way. Where's the reading here, you ask? Check out this week's Berman profile in the New York Times by Wyatt Mason, with whom I was dancing at a wedding last weekend, by pure coincidence. I mean, we weren't set up by David Berman or anything. And okay, he was dancing with my wife and ignoring me completely. It was very romantic. And if you think that was namedropping, you ought to check out this (frankly, pretty compelling) gossipy blog.

Lee Henderson introduces you to the next big Vangroovy thing, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, in PopMatters: "You've driven down the main street of your city with the doors wide open and you shot your guns in the air and cried out to be Free! Free! Free!, all the while listening to underground music from the worst parts of the world, and you wondered what band could ever express this feeling you have, this feeling that life is only worth living if we can somehow find a way to celebrate the worst of humanity. The crimes committed against truth require a soundtrack and They provide it."

I hear that Billy Joe Shaver, who had just broken off an engagement when I interviewed him on-stage in Toronto this summer, has now gotten married to another young woman - Wanda Lynn Canady, who wed the old five'n'dimer on Sept. 26. Not bad for a cowboy of 66 whose previous three marriages were all to the same woman! (Move along, nothing more to read here.)

A song cycle based on Strunk & White's The Elements of Style.

Indie rock's favourite mixed drinks.

When emo songwriting meets the reality-dating show.

Creepiest kiddie act ever.

I'm a bit in love with Sarah Silverman. I know, get in line. Behind this week's New Yorker, for instance.

And my friend Carl A. Zimring (a voracious music fan and former campus-radio DJ, among much else) finally releases the book of urban-environmental history he's been working on since I first met him, which always sounded fascinating to me. But I'm a geek.

And that's all for tonight.

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carl, i don't know if you've seen their 'music video''s horribly horrifying, but you must.

Posted by scott on October 23, 2005 2:34 AM



carl, i don't know if you've seen their 'music video''s horribly horrifying, but you must.

Posted by scott on October 23, 2005 2:34 AM



What's with you and Wherry both posting links to Aryan kiddie bands the same day? Are you guys working for the Resistance Records street team now?

Posted by stuber on October 21, 2005 3:22 PM




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