by carl wilson

It's Listometric

If you're the type to get involuntarily agitated or aroused by lists of records, the music-is-baseball sort who finds it hard to delink sex and statistics, you should be hanging out with Phil and Scott - the former being Phil Dellio, who is giving a guided annotated tour through his entire 3,500-strong record collection, and the latter being Scott Woods, who is doing a battle-of-the-lists rundown through the Rolling Stone and Blender Top 500 Albums. While you're at it you should be following Freakytrigger's truly awesome Popular, in which Tom Ewing (the creator of the I Love Music message board and NYLPM) presents "The UK's 1000+ Number One Hits since 1952, reviewed, in order, irregularly, for as long as I can bear to keep doing it. A history of pop in the shape of a chart."

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It's no different than cribbage, 500, euchre or bridge. Those are played joestoe joestoe all over the state, whether it be in nursing homes, restaurants or bars

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson