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Thursday Reading


The gig guide has been updated with all the lastest T-town concert info.

In the weeklies, NOW talks to Blackalicious about beatmaking and Laura Veirs about geology, and Miss Liss pens a terrific review of last week's Dolly Parton show. Meanwhile, eye susses out Sufjan Stevens' Torontopian connections, digs into the roots of the MP3 blog, and tips you off to a film-fest flick on hip-hop homos (at the tail of the Breakestra interview). Non-musically they've also got an interview with one of Zoilus's preferred Toronto playwrights, Morwyn Brebner, a poem by Zoilusian pal Emily Schultz, and the scoop on the Hundred Einstein March.

Elsewhere, more from the NY Times on New Orleans music. (By the way, if it's post-flood coverage you seek, Boing Boing has impressed me as one of the web's best sources, perhaps because its readership is the most resourceful at finding means to get data when communication seems impossible. And of course, always indispensable in times of crisis, The Onion. Remember the Onion? Sample headlines: "Government relief workers mosey in to help," "White foragers report threat of black looters.") The Times also probes Rufus Wainwright's opera fetish, Riff Raff surveys the Merzbow merch table, Aaron tracks post-Kanye colour commentary, Diplo is retiring from DJing (in order to make more albums people don't like, apparently - which I kinda admire) and Analysts React Positively To Latest Apple Announcements. (But when will we get the phone-plus-camera-plus-iPod with laser gun and medical tricorder? For all my friends who wonder when the hell I will finally get a cell - there's your answer.)

Plus: This afternoon's random discovery - how/why CDs keep getting louder & louder.

Late addition: A Sleater-Kinney-related New Orleans silver lining.

Coming soon: Dramatic announcement.

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Hi Carl, Matt here. Regarding loudness in cd's: FYI, and for the I of anyone interested in mastering techniques, check out this great article:
It will get you thinking twice when you hear a cd and something "doesn't sound right" to you. Most of the ideas included in the page you linked probably came from this article, since it was an edited, published piece (for example the use of large font capital letters). Or maybe it was vice versa.

Posted by Matty K on September 9, 2005 10:33 AM




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