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Thursday Reading (Slight Return)

Sun Ra Band, as painted by Nancy Ostrovsky.

I'm surprised that neither of the Toronto alt-weeklies' concert announcements today caught wind of the Sun Ra Arkestra (Oct 18-21) and John Cale (Nov 13-15) runs at the Lula Lounge, lipsmacking chances to feast on historic-scale music in a close-quarters context. (Tho' note, dear readers, that Sun Ra himself no longer resides on this planet.) Today also brought the first fall-programming news from the Music Gallery; Zoilusians will probably be most interested in the season's first show in the Pop Avant series, Thurs. Sept. 22, featuring Larval, "an avant/progressive rock ensemble led by composer/guitarist Bill Brovold, a one-time collaborator of Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca." I'm not hep to Brovold, but John Zorn calls 'em "the shit." So there. Ever-lovin' percusso-droney-noisematic Torontopians Awesome open up.

Gravity's Rainbow as a contemporary opera for solo banjo, probably not composed by Laurie Anderson? Make it happen - or else face one mother of a paternity suit, Mr. Pynchon!

Now coverboy this week? Chuck Klosterman. Zoilus has said his piece on Chuck, and to each her own, but hoo-boy, "America's smartest pop journalist"? There are a dozen smarter on the Zoilus links page, and those are just the ones with blogs.

For instance there's Dave Morris, who makes some interesting points in today's eye (the one with his Kardinal Offishal cover, which I haven't had a chance to read yet) about hip-hop bloggers (second item, after the Ricky Gervais fun): Namely, that they are starting to look like a force in the actual hip-hop music industry, in a way that other musicbloggers, for the most part, have yet to be. It's noticeable partly because (for obvious socioeconomic reasons) the hip-hop blogs are relative newcomers to the scene; but it only makes sense, given the genre's dominance in North American pop now, that they'd eventually become the heavy-duty batteries of musicblogging, whose Everready Rabbit ears have been getting floppy for a year or so. (So say some of the veterans, those who haven't already quit - sometimes making me feel like I showed up to a party at 3 a.m. after the smart old guys had already left, the diehards were slumped on the sofas and there was only Thunderbird left to drink.) The hip-hop blogs' success could bring more professionalization in the music blog community the way it's already happened in the political-blog and pictures-of-Lindsay-Lohan-nipple-slips-blog communities - no doubt followed by a creative backlash and reconstituted in-group, resentment and resistance to that, etc. etc. Should be stimulating to watch/listen/read and, I hope, participate in.

Very very sad to hear of the passing of Ninjalicious (whose real first name was Jeff) at only 32. He was the guiding headlamp of Infiltration, the internationally influential Toronto zine/site about "going places you're not supposed to go." An abandoned subway tunnel should be named in his honour. Here's hoping his urban-pioneer spirit lives on forever. Your mourning can begin here and continue through the next locked door, physical or metaphysical, along your own pathway.

Also, RIP Luc Ferrari. Ferrari and Moog, a few days apart; what a gloomy week for musical machines.

Finally, I've heard second-hand about a potentially excellent Toronto gig for a female violinist who can act, or an actress who can fiddle. (She should also be able to pass for Lebanese, but if you think about it, that is a pretty big tent.) If this is you or someone you know, email me and I'll pass along the contact info.

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Thank you for the info!

Posted by Donny on September 16, 2005 06:53 PM



that is so exciting about the Arkestra coming to town. I saw them in finland this summer (see photos on my

I will be there for sure. what an experience. I have to read the book, I hear it is really interesting. Is it called Space is the Place?


Posted by tim posgate on August 29, 2005 11:42 PM



Yeah, that Now piece on Klosterman was a joke. I enjoyed Alex Good's review of the new book here:

Alex was coming at it not so much as a music fan but simply as a writing fan. And his review really brings out that Klosterman suffers from George W. Bush Syndrome: he's not just ignorant and intellectualy lazy, he's PROUD of being ignorant and intellectually lazy, and suspicious of anyone who's not.

Posted by DW on August 26, 2005 10:37 AM



here here re: Klosterman.
What a BJ piece that was. E Bromstein is the music "journo" equivalent of Rebeckler McLaren.
Klosterman - i find it interesting that people who know a little about music love this guy, while he holds no truck with those who know a lot (even the non-elitist types).

Posted by Chris on August 26, 2005 07:43 AM




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