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Rippin' introduction to the Toronto noise (non-) scene by Kevin Hainey in this week's eye, in honour of the strange proliferation of noise gigs in town this month. (See the tail of the feature.) I'd quibble with some of his taxonomy (I wouldn't tag some of them pseudOntario surrealists who've come and gone, or mostly refused to go away, as noise artists), but I'm glad he discusses how over-segregated from one another the free-jazz, improv, avant-academic and noise people tend to be here. Unsurprisingly, "out" musicians and organizational/promotional skills are not so mixy, but it's too bad for the audiences that never get to know. Noise right now seems to be a place the experimental rock scene and Other music can meet; it's there in the fan press, and seen occasionally at Wavelength and the Music Gallery and the late lamented New Works, but it remains the unfinished project. Not that nobody's trying but p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s i-s s-l-o-w. C'mon folxx get 2gether!

Thanks to Kevin as well for the Zoilusian shoutout in there. I'm amused that the day an article on noize gesticulated my way, visitors were greeted by a post about a folksinger. And now I'm going to have to go look up Brian Ruryk.

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thanks for the thanks...

i thought i'd give it a try, stir up the pot and see what starts boiling... these artists need all the exposure they can get... if they even want it.

Posted by kevin hainey on August 23, 2005 5:19 PM



Hmm? Who's trying their best to do what?

To clarify: No negativity was intended by the "c'mon folks" remark - just a kind of pep-rally exhortation.

Posted by zoilus on August 16, 2005 1:32 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson