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An Agenda to Write In Your Agenda

Right now Margaux Williamson's new painting exhibition, with the Sleater-Kinneyesque title of In the Woods, is opening at the Katherine Mulherin gallery. Just look at the picture. This is something you want to see. Eye magazine has a very accurate review today; I wrote about Margaux last year. Today can use all the compensatory beauty it can get. And come to think of it, "compensatory beauty" is a good description of Margaux's work.

Also tonight, not far away, at the corner of Portland and Richmond, the Singing Saw Shadow Show play a "secret" outdoor concert at about 8 or 8:30 pm.

Elsewhere: International Festival of Blog: "Over to our left, we have the Dance Tent, hosted by the MP3 bloggers. What 'phat tunes' are they 'dropping' in there, I wonder? Let's ask the slightly grumpy looking man in the corner, busily stroking his goatee.

"Well! Who knew that minimalist Patagonian electroclash was so popular? Good work there, MP3 bloggers! Put the needle on the record, and pump up the jam!"

(For obvious reasons, I've been on British sites all day.)

On Tuesday as part of Mercer Union's Toronto Troll project, which is pretty damn intriguing, there's a free show at the Drake called "Saturday Night Beaver" which presents the French AWP ensemble in concert, "joined by their long time collaborator Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground, Stereolab, Tortoise, Calexico, etc) and a rotating group of Toronto musicians and artists (Martin Arnold, Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, etc) for a multi-media extravaganza. Sounds and images collected during night-time odysseys are processed and mixed with acoustic and electronic sounds to form an experimental free-jazz soundtrack for the night."

The Music Gallery's deficit position is turning out to be even worse than they thought last year. (See my column on the subject.) Therefore, a fundraiser on July 24: "COURTLY LOVE: A MIDSUMMER MUSIC GALLERY FUNDRAISER featuring special guests PONY DA LOOK, NATHAN LAWR, ANIMALMONSTER and BOB WISEMAN in the Courtyard of St. George the Martyr Church, 6pm to 10pm, $20 regular/$10 student + underwaged." Quoth Jonny Dovercourt: "The Music Gallery’s Project Re:New will launch on July 24, 2005 with a fundraising concert that will take advantage of an underused component of its current venue home: the beautiful outdoor courtyard of St. George the Martyr Church. This will be an atmospheric evening of independent music in this magical, mystical environment. ... The Music Gallery is Toronto’s ONLY consistent venue for avant-garde music, and has been for the last 29 years. Without it, this city’s cultural landscape would be considerably more barren. Please help spread the word about this important fundraising event." True 'dat.

And tomorrow (Friday night) of course there's Sheila Heti/Mrs. Zoilus, another institution without whom barenness would set in, doing a marathon Ticknor reading with Rob Clutton on bass at Grano in the Scream. Tickets exist still.

Thursday Reads: Eye covers a new documentary about Femi Kuti and his commune-club the Shrine (Afrofest in Toronto this weekend!); Dave Morris cocks an eye at the wisdom/propriety of a young white hip DJ calling a mixtape "Real Niggery"; NOW meets (joins?) the Go! Team; and Frank Black and his nudist kids.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson