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Zoilus has been too swamped today to hunt up much Thursday Reading for you - I haven't cracked the weeklies except to know that if you check Now you'll find a Final Fantasy cover story as well as The Divine Miss Liss's mash note to Janet Weiss, with which she teased us earlier this week (in the Sleater-Kinney comment box below). There's also an extensive news feature questioning the wisdom of holding a huge dancehall concert on the weekend of Gay Pride. (I'm not sure. I'm also somebody who finds that hater stuff hard to take, but maybe it's the best time to hold a huge dancehall concert, so the artists and concertgoers are all out on the town and see the parade and possibly find their ideas challenged, rather than just phantasizing of phantom battymen?)

Eye's blog also notified me of the sad news of the death of eternal Toronto Yonge & Bloor busker and would-be mayor Ben Kerr.

But beyond that I can heartily recommend one big read, which is a terrific history of the traditional blues/jazz tune St. James Infirmiry, its roots in 18th-century English ballads and how it made its way into New Orleans mythography, by my old friend Rob Walker, whom you might know as the Times Magazine "Consumed" columnist. The St. James piece first appeared in his email newsletter two years ago and is now in his new book Letters from New Orleans, which author Jed Horne called "as wistful as absinthe, as funky as a muffuletta at a joint off Tchoupitoulas." Next stop, Da Capo's next year's-best-music-writing book. Gobble it up, yum.

More required reading: From Newsday last weekend, the dean of the flyboys, Greg Tate, on black shame, black rage, and the American tragedy of Michael Jackson: "It now seems Jackson's career was leading up to this trial, which was as much about his betrayal of white America's investment in his image as about his sleeping with young boys."

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such a good piece. heard an npr doc all about this tune around five or seven years ago- hour of discussion about the permutations of the pallbearers (lovely women, strong men, etc), and have collected about five versions of the song. but i've never been able to track down the original audio piece I heard.

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