by carl wilson

Better L8 Than Never

I have to confess it's terrif, it's a thrill, it's Napoleon brandy, it's Mahatma Gandhi, to have this instant Salon-a-ma-jig online. Time was when Salon was the belle of the ball of all the Internets to me and I always wanted to see myself waltzing there. All in all it's not such a bad turn, neither, and it's divine to be in the company of blogstars Stereogum and Largehearted Boy. Thank you, Mr. Bartlett.

miranda.jpg Otherwise today Zoilus feels just like this motherless frock. However, dreaming about the related movie is an analgesic for the soul. Even the trailer damn near makes me cry. Cannot wait.

Also: On Bagatellen, a comprehensive, nay, exhaustive, feature on cassette improvisation that seems a timely companion to mix-tape fever.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson