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Thursday Thursday

Catching up on our Thursday Reading. A late and abbreviated edition today:

The wrap-up of that OTHER 50 Tracks game we were playing, including a coming-full-circle CBC interview with former Mister Brave New Waves, Brent Bambury, in which some Zoilusian picks get played.

If this had been out in time, there might be a few different cuts on that list: Errol Nazareth on the crate-digging essential-CanCon item of the spring, DoRight's Ready or Not: Deep jazz grooves from the CBC Radio Canada Archive 1967-77. From today's Eye. Meanwhile, in Now, Ms. Liss waxes adorable over the next-big-thing buzz about Most Serene Republic, but Zoilus has already got a favourite Republic band for the year. (Not to mention the good old Savage one.) More notable: Andy Kim apparently now listens to Arcade Fire, the Hidden Cameras and Faith No More. Maybe Rock Me Gently was better than I thought? (On the other hand, the guy did write Sugar, Sugar, so, respect.)

Not actually reading, just a fact: Much as I hate to scoop news from Pitchfork, I can't ignore the information that The Believer is releasing a compilation on which the likes of Constantines, Jim Guthrie, Spoon, Wolf Parade, the Shins and the Mountain Goats cover the likes of Richard Buckner, the Silver Jews, Frog Eyes (!) and Joanna Newsom (not respectively). Yeah, it may as well be presented by Whitey McWhiteman and His Blanching Whiteheads, and it needs a "Warning: Devendra Banhart Content" sticker, but still.

Sean O'Hagan takes most of his best material from Simon Reynolds and Paul Morley - but that's probably inevitable - for this retrospective on Joy Division and Love Will Tear Us Apart, now 25 years forever ancient-young. See the now middle-aged JD survivors in New Order play LWTUA on the Jimmy Kimmel show in April. (Thanks to Miss Valerie.)

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the sticker should read: Warning - Devendra Banhart 'and' The Mountain Goats. jeez, i am not a fan.

Posted by alan on May 16, 2005 09:32 PM



well, the best part about it is the song that jim guthrie covers, which is almost completely unrecognizable (and gorgeous!). Y'all should do yrselves a favour and NOT read the pitchfork story and NOT read the tracklist when you buy this issue of the Believer (which you will, of course, buy) and try to work out what song it is.
that was my first experience of hearing it & it's quite the revelation.

Hopefully the believer thing helps bring about our Guthrie's long-deferred worldwide fame + fortune. btw: his new site is now live, and it's super --

Posted by mystery girl on May 13, 2005 01:14 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson