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Thursday Reading: Toronto Edition

In the funny papers: Arcade Fire reviews from across the Toronto-newspaper universe - the Globe (which mistakenly calls Final Fantasy a "Montreal act," I guess because the writer noticed Owen playing in the A.F. - T-dot reprazent!!!), the Sun and the Star (timex-accurate description from Vit Wagner, who tortures me with the news that Final Fantasy and Gentleman Reg did a Mariah Carey cover before I got there!). None, however, answers the question on my mind: What kind of name is Win, anyway? Is it short for something? Or is it just, y'know, very self-affirmative?
Also in der Globe, my cubicle homie Guy Dixon talks to a very nervous Thomas Mapfumo.
Dave Morris in Eye on Negativland, at the Open Ears festival in Kitchener on Saturday and in Toronto at the Deep Wireless festival (more on it in the future) on Sunday. See also Dave M.'s always enjoyable weekly 'net-trawl, Totally Wired.
Mike Doherty in Eye and Geoff Chapman in the Star on Quinsin Nachoff, sax player with a strong ensemble here on Saturday.
Josh Ostroff in eye chats with Dizzee. Meanwhile, Tim Perlich in Now leads with his asshole in his own Dizzee Rascal interview (the fact that he was once busted for pepper spray possession is somehow evidence that he's dumb?!?!). It's sad that this has now become typical Perlich. A decade ago he had one of the country's best sets of ears.
Ben Rayner chats with Dan Snaith (Cariboo/ex-Manitoba).
Ashante Infantry on a Hot Docs fest movie that goes behind the scenes in the valley of the video hotties.
Greg Quill on an Eighties Toronto flashback, the revival of the Poetry Sweatshop.
And last, but most, Miss Liss talks to everybody involved in the 20hz fiasco - Abbas Jahangiri still won't admit any mistake, and ludicrously claims "I am Mother Teresa"! (Uh, yeah - the Christopher Hitchens version.) Some sharpie at Now also nails the perfect headline: "Everybody Hz."

I'll try to make Thursday Reading a weekly Zoilus feature from here on. I'll be back later tonight with some selections from outside the city limits. To start with, see Christopher Porter fuming on Darfur (I'm writing about Diamanda Galas's Defixiones for this weekend's paper, so genocide is also on my mind). And via Alex Ross, here's the original text of the Pope's notorious comments on music, which we've all been blabbing about. Hey, is Joey Ratzinger any relation of Wumpscut's Rudy Ratzinger? Maybe that's what got him so agitated.

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Edwin Farnham Butler III

Posted by jackie on May 4, 2005 10:35 PM



Carl, I like the thursdays reading idea. look forward to that feature.


Posted by tim posgate on April 28, 2005 07:41 PM



Win is short for Edwin

Posted by deeselig on April 28, 2005 06:02 PM



i take full responsibility for that hed. one of my rare shining moments in the headline dept.

i have to give you credit, however, for much inspiration re: the stillepost fiasco. thank you for your eloquent and very astute analysis, sir.

i tip my hat.


Posted by lisstless on April 28, 2005 05:15 PM




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