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Random notes: You didn't hear it here first, but I must instruct The Office fans out there (with nothing to nourish them but knuckle-gnawing about the American version) to perk up to the Internet's latest-greatest find, which is Ricky Gervais' 1980s New Romantic synth-pop band, Seona Dancing. The pictures are not to be missed. Apparently they were wee in the UK, big in the Philippines, the kind of thing that shows how right Apple is to insist that reality is always on shuffle.

Otherwise, please note that the "Other 50 Tracks" action is still unfolding at Pregnant Without Intercourse (my latest pick, No Means No, doesn't seem to be up yet).

Nice reviews/profiles for Mrs. Zoilus this weekend in the Globe and the Gazette. She is in town this week (for her launch on Thursday), which makes all the world a better place.

See you tonight at Trampoline Hall?

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Yes, he was, briefly, and then was a talent booker at a university for quite awhile. ... This is all detailed in the NYT piece on Gervais that I linked to in the post.

Posted by zoilus on March 26, 2005 06:50 PM



I once read that Ricky G was once the manager of Suede. I wonder if that is true.

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As long as we are arguing...could it be that Wrong is cited more often because it achieved a wider distribution, hence became the first one heard by so many "people" who cite it as's kind of a chicken and egg theory, donchathink? I still think the dynamics and accomplished atonal approach found on Sex Mad trumps Wrong any day...don't get me wrong, I too think Wrong is among their best, mostly because the Small Parts period started to get a little too self-indulgent for my taste and Wrong went back to what they were good at to begin, precise, punk...I just think Sex Mad walked where others could not until that moment, Minutemen aside...I think Wrong is widely considered because the others were so ahead of their time...maybe I'm missing the point of these types of lists, but I'm standing by my assessment.

Posted by Phil on March 22, 2005 07:58 PM



RE: The Not Nostalgia Theory

How about mortality? We possibly focus on that first recognition because we, naturally, do not like to think of times before or post our own existence. Small Parts Isolated/The Day Everything Became Nothing is my Nomeansno pick simply because I was 14 and I KNEW I was the only person in town with a third generation cassette and hand drawn cover. But I KNOW Wrong is the better album. To realize that a pop continuum stretches behind and in front of us is to admit to our fleeting and arbitrary presence in the process. As a medium, music is just cheaper, more tactile than (for example) films and we believe our role more important and hinged upon for its manfacture.

Posted by Brian on March 22, 2005 06:43 PM



Sex Mad is the track a lot of people think of when they think of No Means No, but I think that has to do with an unfortunate tendency for people to hold on tightest to whatever work by a particular band they heard FIRST. (Anybody have a theory, aside from nostalgia, about why that is? It's not like everybody prefers an actor's debut to his or her later movies, or a first novel to later ones - why is it that way with music?) That doesn't mean the first, best remembered song or album is actually the best song or album, or even the most representative. Sex Mad is fine, but not quite up to the standard No Means No with Kerr would achieve over the next few years (leading to the European star status Phil refers to). The Wrong album stands up better as a testimony. And this isn't just me - it's pretty commonly cited within punk/post-punk circles as one of the great punk albums of all time, much more often than Sex Mad is.

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Way to go Brian on the Demics track...they played lots of TO gigs, by the way...hence the hit on CFNY. Keith is still missed. Was the Brunswick doing live music back then? More like the Cedar Lounge, or Fryfogles, eh?

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It's certainly nice to see Nomeansno mentioned in the 50 tracks context and though I agree with Sir Wilson's assessment of why a track from the seminal Wrong is important, I must disagree with the track selection. I think the song Sex Mad (1986 Canada/1987 US) more aptly reflects why Nomeansno can be considered the most important of the post-punk brethren to emerge from the Great White North. I fondly remember running into Ann Arbor's post punk lords Big Chief in the UK in the fall of '91, the year punk broke, and being asked who the hell is Nomeansno and why are they headlining over Fugazi in front of 10,000 people in Germany?

Anyway...Sex Mad the album, really established Nomeansno as a punk band with a difference. It was also the first release with Andy Kerr, a welcomed addition that helped the Wright brothers really fly. Some of you might remember the live show at the Sibony club in 1988 (?) and a characteristic Rob Ben fish-eye pic of Kerr that graced the cover of Montreal's Rear Garde magazine around the same period. That is among the greatest concerts I ever attended.

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RE: 50

Carl, I hate to use your own site to comment but I must address the absence of The Demics “New York City” (single version) from considerations of top 50 Canadian whatevers.

1. Even if you’ve never left the Brunswick Tavern in London, On and said to yourself, “ should I catch a bus, or should I take a train” you get the remoteness of what Keith Demic is saying. There is no plane to catch. No matter your fantasy, economics dictate that you will arrive in New York City a beggar.
2. The song is full of self-loathing (for Canada) and a loathing for the object of the songwriter’s obsession (the unattainable New York).
3. They never had a better song and their full length was a piece of shit.

These 3 reasons should make this, if not song of the ’70s, then the new national anthem.

Posted by Brian on March 21, 2005 10:39 PM



According to this NYT article, Gervais is working on a new series called "Extras", has penned a Simpsons ep, and has pledged to appear in "Arrested Development" next season, if there is one.;=1&8hpib=&pagewanted;=all&adxnnlx;=1111446021-TEekPHKE39U6mgP5flH8Xw

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I'm an Office fan, but I never quite got around to checking out Ricky Gervais' band. Wow.

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oh, us office fans have been "dancing with seona" for quite some time now. there's all kindsa ricky g stuff on the web. there's even an NME review of the album somewhere out there.

can't make it tonight but i'll try to catch the next one.

Posted by steve birek on March 21, 2005 03:58 PM




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